the jayme show

after west palm and st petes, john and i traveled to seaside, fl (with our luggage) to stay about 4 days with johns side of the fam. 
there's something about having a beach in the background of a picture that makes my heart skip a little beat.

this is the life i could get used to. you don't get views like this in kentucky.

john and his middle bro, brian.  don't worry - john doesn't usually make faces like that, he just does it when he's met his quota for picture taking for the night. 

brian, his gf kristin, moi, my johnny.  we walked on the beach to go to dinner and watch fireworks on the beach.  it was pretty incredible. i'm a blessed girl.

seaside is simply adorable.  the truman show (hence the title) was filmed there and if they made a movie of my life, i'd hope they would film it here too!  along the street, they had these little "restaurants" and it was a bumpin place.  

this is the "downtown" area where people reserved their place to watch the fireworks.  on july 3rd, we watched them on the beach. on july 4th, we watched them here. have you ever seen so much color??

he lovers me.

we ate oysters. a ton of oysters.

and drank beer. a ton of beer.

this is the whole crew, in one house. brian, kristin, moi, john, munchie, johns dad, alexa, paige, beth, and cole! it was an absolutely great vacay and i couldn't be happier!

have you ever been to seaside??  whats your favorite part of florida?


Rachel said...

Seaside is one of my favorite places ever! I went back in May and growing up we always went a night or two from Destin for dinner and walks through the gorgeous neighborhoods. I have very fond memories there! I love anywhere on 30A!

Elizabeth said...

I just LOVE West Palm! It's one of my favorite places ever! Seaside looks absolutely adorable! I will have to visit there one year. And the first picture, adorable! Like, print it on a canvas and hang it up adorable!

KLaw said...

home sweet home! I love it. Glad you had a nice vaca!

Rebecca said...

That looks so beautiful!!
And yes KY is totally southern! VA and KY get a lotta hate for not being southern enough, but honey only if they knew how we get down =]

Lindsay said...

I am LONG overdue for a florida trip! Looks like you had a blast!

Kerr said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like a fun trip! I like disney, ft meters and miami!

Natasha said...

we go to seaside every year and love it!!! ahhh pickles is my favorite little lunch place, too...other favorites are rosemary beach and watercolor, too!!

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