she's crrrafty

(you should sing "she's crafty" like you would sing "she's bossy")

recently, i've spent my days spreading my creativity all around the house. i've been dreaming of having my very own "frame wall" for way too long and i couldn't be happier to introduce you guys to my most favorite wall in the house.
didn't i do great?!  
gottttcha  ;) that's the before, doy.

so i've learned through other bloggettes that you need to cut out the size of papers and tape them on the wall to judge where to put everything. so i did. 
we shall call this attempt 1.

we shall call this attempt 2.
can you tell how the day is slowly escaping while i painted frames, printed pictures, went hobby lobbying, went to home depot, etc. yes, it was more work than i thought..

so by the time john got home from work, i was ready for his help!  (i wouldn't trust myself nailing anything into the walls either. i cant blame him. hey- i just got the go ahead to cook by myself!)

and my dearest friends....

there we have it!!  it may not be the most amazing thing in the world to you, but for this craft-tard, i'm pretty stoked!

except, do you want to know what everything is?  i have some prints from my paris trip, a J for john and jayme, a cross, the anchor (because i'm from anchorage and it was also our table seating arrangement from curt and cats wedding!) and lots of pictures of our friends and family.  don't worry, i'll be adding more.
however, i have a confession.  see the "la bella vida" madness on the bottom right?  well, secretly, i didn't have anything to fill the frame with {yet!} so i spray painted the cardboard gold and wrote la bella vida on the cardboard. but for some reason, i don't hate it.  don't worry - i'll only keep the ghettoness up there until i find something better!

and just because i wanted to, i added this because it really hits home for me right now and i love it.  

so what do you think?!


Morgan said...

Great job! Looks fantastic!

Rebecca said...

This looks so good!! great job!

Raven said...

looks awesome! I so wish I was crafty :(

Blogger said...

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