I have some very important matters to discuss on this sunny Friday. First things first...

the heat!
i'm honestly not too big on complaining about the weather because i'm just happy kentucky has four seasons.  Whether (pun not intended, but still funny) it's cold or hot, i can usually remember the other seasons and get re-happy.  the weather here is usually 100 or more which makes it difficult to go running outside (or breathe) but it makes the perfect excuses to spend all my days here:

my moms pool.
it was just finished a little while ago with a fence and gate added but it is quite wonderful.

get a raft and some sunscreen and i could live my life here.

this weekend, we are watching Reggie.
and i bet its safe to say that we will be lounging and relaxing most the time. he's the laziest black lab in the world but super perfect and amazing.

i feel like i haven't updated y'all lately on precious colton.
we went to dinner last night and dressed him in a white polo, khaki shorts, and little tiny shoes with little tiny monkeys on them and oh my word. it was the greatest little guy i've ever seen.

tonight, we are having dinner at my besties cat and curts house and then a shower for my sister (who is gettin hitched in september) tomorrow night!  a full weekend of full house redos and relaxing and just enough of a social life to keep me goin!

john and i are headed to california in about a week and i'm getting super stoked!  we're headed to la and san diego... any of y'all live there?!  what do we absolutely have to do?  XO

i hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend!  what are your plans??


Rebecca said...

its 112 here in Virginia and I wish I had that pool!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

I went to LA and San Diego last summer and it was amazing! I was in the audience of the Ellen Show and Chelsea Lately. If you are a Chelsea fan...her tix are super super easy to get. We got our tix like 2 days before the show! We also took a double decker bus tour of Hollywood, which is a must for tourists!

A Simple Southern Life said...

I agree about the heat! It's ridiculous. Reggie is HUGE and so handsome! I have two Basset Hounds but want a black lab one day!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh your parents pool is AMAZING! Can I come visit?? :)

Laura Darling said...

I am SO jealous of that pool!

Ashley said...

are you sure that's a lab and not a horse?

monkey tennies?! how presh! baby colton's gonna be a little heartbreaker!

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