you were invited...

john and i planned a cookout for saturday night with some of our besties. little did we know, it would be an engagement party for two of my dearest friends.
a shot of the backyard before our guests came over!

the kentucky cornhole to keep the boys occupied. well, the girls played too but let's face it, we sucked. it was an "off night" because we could usually run the corn hole.

we hung lights and used fresh flowers. i need to become a planner of some sort!

oh riiiight... let's get to this...
first of all - cat, i love you! 
second - cats birthday is tomorrow!! so i bought her a coconut bra to wear. that's totally normal, right?

mid game. figured an action shot was necessary.

i forgot to take a picture of the food but wooweee!  it was a ton of amazing food that everyone pitched in!  it was so great and so so much fun!

but i couldnt have been happier when i received the call from lauren saturday afternoon saying jeff that just proposed!  
isn't that absolutely beautiful?! 
and the absolutely beautiful couple!
congrats jeff and lauren!!!!
they went hiking on saturday morning where jeff surprised lauren with the ring on a bridge! so cute.

john is so super sweet and got the cake and some champagne to celebrate the newly engaged couple!

next best glasses to use when the champagne flutes are missing.

CHEERS to the lovely couple and to having amazing friends!  i'm a very blessed girl.

:)  happy hump day folks.


Chelsea said...

stone and i are coming to party in approx. 48 days. (yes. i am counting down until his last game)

if john wants to get us cake and champagne to celebrate the end of baseball season, well, thats really alright with me.

nights like that are so fun i love it! do you live in a house? do you live with john? i need to email you.clearly

wellll love you sista!!!

Jane Alisa said...

Looks like a wonderful party & WOW at her ring. xoxo

Lindsay said...

CONGRATS to your friends. Her ring is GORGEOUS :)

Kerr said...

Gorgeous ring. Love the UK cornhole

Lauren said...

That was such a great night! Delicious food and TONS of fun! Can I just second that you should become a planner of some sort? I've never seen a cookout so detailed and organized! Maybe you should be my wedding planner... :)

Ashley said...

wait, do and john abode together?! how have i missed this? and you have a house?

if dash and i fake an engagement will john buy us cookie cake too? because that's definitely worth it!

♡ bAs said...

Aww that looks like so much fun! Beautiful ring! Congrats to your dear friends! XOXO

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