easy come easy go

i am so happy to present the most precious pictures of the surprise baby!
mama and baby are home safe and sound and getting used to their new lives.  
his name is 
jude christopher
and he is absolutely perfect.  weighing in a 6 lbs 9 oz, he is a bundle of joy.

have you ever seen anything so precious??
{pictures from elizabeth's facebook.}

oh i could just kiss him all over!  i went to visit her the day after he was born in the hospital and eliz was so funny. she was sitting on the couch in the hospital room, sitting indian style and jumped right up to give me a hug and hand me the baby. then she asked the doctor if she could play tennis later that afternoon.  if you didn't know she JUST had a baby, you would NEVER have guessed!  she's a real trooper!!

so over the weekend, i had class friday night and all day saturday.  saturday night, we went to a cookout at alex and michael's beautiful home and then spent sunday canoeing in indiana!  note to self: canoeing sucks. dont go. :) 

unfortunately, sunday afternoon was spent at a funeral home. a boy i went to school with from k-8 passed away friday morning in his sleep. it's such a scary thought that tomorrow isn't promised. 
 i've made the decision to not take a single second for granted and enjoy everything.  therefore, i should go ahead and spill my soul and tell you i love all of you and you make my days happy. insert sunshine and smiley faces and blushing here.

and another note of something that makes me SO happy!  my own baby nephew colton. 

he took my phone and took this picture himself... isn't he talented?!  mister smarty pants!

then i read the little bambino a little goodnight moon while he wore his AMAZING elephant slippers on my lap in my long dress.  it was the happiest sight i've seen and i just absolutely adore his little spicy self.

i've been spending the early part of the week in cincinnati getting spoiled by my grandma by shopping, touring mansions, eating amazing foods, spending quality time by the pool and yada yada yada.  pictures to come.

but i wanted to make sure to share the updated info on baby jude (and colton) to all you supportive doll faces!! 



i didn't know i was...

i didn't know i was pregnant!!

so yesterday, my cousin, we shall call her liz, went to work around 730am while munching on an energy bar, convinced that will get her through the day.  
it was thursday, but she was still a little exhausted from the bachelorette party she attended the weekend before in nashville.  

well, fast forward to approximately 1pm and liz wet herself. well, the niagara falls type of wet herself in the sense that her water broke but she had no idea because as far as she was concerned, she had no water to break, meaning, she wasn't pregnant.
well, fast forward to approximately 2pm, liz found herself at her doctors office complaining of her uterus hurting.

well, fast forward to approximately 3pm, liz found herself in a labor and delivery room with a wee baby in her hands, a surprised baby daddy, and an overly supportive family swearing to have everything ready for when new mama and new baby arrive home on saturday.  

in summary - my cousin had a baby yesterday and had no idea she was pregnant!  the baby is a very, very healthy 6 pound baby boy and she was 7 months along!  i never thought the whole "i didn't know i was pregnant" thing was possible until i heard this story.  i just saw her a few weeks ago at my sisters wedding shower and ohhh, my!  her waist was/is tiny, she never felt bad, had her period the whole time, and didn't gain much weight!

have you heard this happen in real life or just tv?!  it's so crazy but i couldn't be happier for her and her new family!  congrats eliz!  :)

i'm headed to the hospital now to meet the new little nugget and i'll post a picture later!  

have a wonderful weekend and be safe and if you have a baby with no warning, let me know!!! 



the many faces of CAB

colton is now a little more than 4 months and the most precious little guy, if i say so myself.  he put his crying days behind him and now he's a ball of sunshine with personality, laughter, smiles, and the sweetest little hands and feet.
uh oh... i just wrote a paragraph about my nephew that made me look like a creepy aunt.
we'll call a spade a spade. :)
we had an impromptu photo shoot at lunch the other day and its only right that i share the outcome with you guys...are you in love too?? 

and with a smirk like that, you know he's nothin but trouble in his future years.  

are you an aunt? are you obsessed with the kids that are close to being yours but far enough away that you can hand them back when they have a poopy diaper? 



the meaning of san diego...

two posts in a row starting with drinks?  #winning
this, my friends, is the scorpion bowl. made for a group of 4 with long straws, but dominated by 3.

ah, san diago. a whales vaginer.

we spent the last night of our trip at the W hotel in downtown san diego. san diego was FANTASTIC!  even though our stay was so short.  we went to a wonderful sushi restaurant, nobu, for dinner. we drank much sake, ate fresh sushi, and had great company. two other of johns coworkers joined us.

i am by no means a "fashion blogger" but thought i should post my attempt to be cool.  bell bottoms are back in and i couldn't be happier. i wish i could do a close up of my belt but i'm totally diggin it.  the whole 'fit is from anthro so i clearly feel cool.

johnny and moi. but i guess you could've guessed that?

max. not sure why he's upset but clearly something was wrong. haha.

after nobu, we went to whiskey girl to get some drinks and ahh! it was so awesome. they played constant music videos going from prince to katy perry to cyndi to brit. everything and it was phenom.  have you been to whiskey girl?  just to make it better, there were some "interesting" people for people watching and even an attempt to pick this fine lady up when john went to the bathroom. :)  jamir- if you're reading... haha, so kidding. love you john.

anyways!  after our short jaunt to LA, laguna, and san diego, i left feeling refreshed, full, and happy!  i love the west coast and cannot wait to go back in october!



laguna beach: kcav/kyb style

you know its a good post when it begins with drinks.
after the spa (yesterdays post), i found myself sipping cocktails around 2pm overlooking the beach in laguna. 

i hate that i talk about our hotel before anything else but i'm mildly obsessed with it so here it goes...
umm, beaded headboard with that detail? swooon

beaded shelving. seriously. 

and the view. the pool with the marina in the background.  life is good :)

andddd the marina. something about seeing a marina through my hotel room window makes me smile.

be still my heart. it's just so beachy.

kentucky blonde ridin in style. 

and if you aren't smitten by the marina view, maybe the john view will do :)

i love the farms in kentucky but i'd take this too.

see? its the nice mixture of green grass and blue ocean. even when its cloudy, its beautiful.

this is where we stayed.  laguna cliffs resort & spa in dana point.  if you visit there, i'd highly recommend this place. its wonderful -- and get the fish tacos :)

the boy and myself at the beach. we watched this like 85 year old man surfing and he was the best one out there!  someday i'll surf... can you surf?

i'd take all of them.

why choose one when you can have them all?  i'd blast some beyonce, bring fountains of vodka, bourbon, beer, and gin, all my girlfriends, bloggers, all my friends, lounge around, and have the time of my life.  after i win the lottery of course.

lovely sight.

and here we are.  after choosing which ones to buy, we thought we could document us actually being there.

so there you have laguna/dana point.  i'm still waiting on pictures from when we went to dinner with my cousin for her birthday who just happens to live in dana point but it was a blast.  apparently mai tai's are a touch stronger in cali.  oopsies.

have you been to laguna??  or if not, who's your favorite laguna beach person?
lc? lo? kcav? stephen? talon? alex? i can't remember the others, ha. 
clearly mine is kcav because she's awesome.

ps - lindsay - next time we will plan something!  so glad we got to talk though! xo


california blonde

last week was spent in california and it was tough to come back to kentucky after a super quick 3 nights, 3 hotels, 3 city stay. i'm headed back in october and excited is a complete understatement.
i went with these two kids... john and max.  john is actually not a midget, just extraordinarily short compared to beast max. they work together so this girl tagged along.

i never even knew cali had views like this.  also - i'd like to mention how cold it is there!  its around 100* here so their 70* was freezing to me.  not how i imagined LA but wonderful.

my johnny and me.  takin over the city behind us.

ow. ow.

so while the boys worked in the morning, i spent my time in the ritz carlton spa.  

a life i could get used to.

even their stools made me happy.  makes my heart smile, right chels?

what spa post would be complete without a self picture of The Robe??  

so i lounged here.

hidden behind this fringe.

staring at this chest that i wish i could make mine. and this circular couch that made me feel a little bit like a playmate... or shaq's wife.

then i got bored at looking at that stuff so i turned on my ipad and continued reading a reliable wife. have you read it? 

then i got super bored in the sanctuary and headed to the 26th floor pool where i was greeted with a man to put a towel on my "bed" and magazines galore and a total body sensation of feeling like i was in a sex and the city episode. 

cabanas, beds, chairs, and it was all private. 

have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

but seriously, on that note, i'm afraid i'm going to catch the next flight out to go back!  

blogger reunion there?  who's in?  ;)


you're the only 10 i see

oh my loves!   i definitely wasn't expecting to play dead for this long & i'm so sorry to leave you guys like that!  life is wild busy! since we left here, i've been to tennessee and california and had 293874 interviews and went to a wedding!
the wedding was last saturday and there were over 600 invites. it just go happened there was a GINORMOUS storm that came through about an hour before the wedding and shut out the power over most of the city... including the reception venue!  about 500 peeps and no power. but still, the wedding was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous in her carolina herrera dress. 
so, tennessee!  we had our little family vacay at norris lake since its close enough that everyone could come and go as they pleased.  it was a beautiful lake and an absolutely beautiful house that could sleep 22 people!  huge!  

i was secretly obsessed with those huge stones to walk down to the dock and really wanted to put every single one in my car and bring them home.  

look how big colton is!!  i leave for like two weeks from blog world and come back to this beast!  (please ignore my cousins nipples)  :)
and coltons shirt:
i'm fly likfe MJ in his prime.

this is cameron, my cousin.  can you believe he's single?  :)

our family of 3.  I KID I KID.  johnny, colton, and moi. i'm a happy gal.

this is one of the little family rooms of the house. the whole place is wide open and beautiful and very lake-y.

the kitchen. i whipped up some masterpieces in there. you know, cereal WITH milk.

we normally ate dinner (and every meal for that matter) at the house but one of the nights we went to one of the locals marinas which had surprisingly great food!  this is my step dad on the ride.

and my sammy. gettin it.

3 generations - moi, jessie, nanoo, and colton.


the crew. cam and john were also there but left right before the picture. :(  

my brother in law and my step dad. they love golf.

my grandpa and cousin riley.

my uncle with a little bit of a kisser on his cheek from jessie. ow ow

and on that note!  ahhh, it feels good to be back!  i've missed you all but have definitely been reading, just not commenting as much!  what's been going on in your life that is a must know?  


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