california blonde

last week was spent in california and it was tough to come back to kentucky after a super quick 3 nights, 3 hotels, 3 city stay. i'm headed back in october and excited is a complete understatement.
i went with these two kids... john and max.  john is actually not a midget, just extraordinarily short compared to beast max. they work together so this girl tagged along.

i never even knew cali had views like this.  also - i'd like to mention how cold it is there!  its around 100* here so their 70* was freezing to me.  not how i imagined LA but wonderful.

my johnny and me.  takin over the city behind us.

ow. ow.

so while the boys worked in the morning, i spent my time in the ritz carlton spa.  

a life i could get used to.

even their stools made me happy.  makes my heart smile, right chels?

what spa post would be complete without a self picture of The Robe??  

so i lounged here.

hidden behind this fringe.

staring at this chest that i wish i could make mine. and this circular couch that made me feel a little bit like a playmate... or shaq's wife.

then i got bored at looking at that stuff so i turned on my ipad and continued reading a reliable wife. have you read it? 

then i got super bored in the sanctuary and headed to the 26th floor pool where i was greeted with a man to put a towel on my "bed" and magazines galore and a total body sensation of feeling like i was in a sex and the city episode. 

cabanas, beds, chairs, and it was all private. 

have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

but seriously, on that note, i'm afraid i'm going to catch the next flight out to go back!  

blogger reunion there?  who's in?  ;)


Lindsay said...


Morgan said...

That spa looks amazeballs!!!

Elizabeth said...

This spa and pool look amazingggg!!! What a perfect getaway!

Sarah Mina said...

that place looks amazing! i want that bathroom in my house :)

Tiffany said...

That looks AMAZING! I want to goooo, take me!

xox tiffany @ tldetwiler.blogspot.com

Kerr said...

Wow the spa looks heavenly!

Lindsay said...

I'm so jealous! That spa looks A-MAZ-ING! Just looking at the pictures made me relax! Glad you had fun.

Miss Chelsea said...

I thought the same things when I was in Cali! 1) I thought it was warmer than this here!? and 2) I didn't know there were views like this!!

Ashley said...

i do believe you posted a message on my blog while you were at said spa! that looks amazeballs!!

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