easy come easy go

i am so happy to present the most precious pictures of the surprise baby!
mama and baby are home safe and sound and getting used to their new lives.  
his name is 
jude christopher
and he is absolutely perfect.  weighing in a 6 lbs 9 oz, he is a bundle of joy.

have you ever seen anything so precious??
{pictures from elizabeth's facebook.}

oh i could just kiss him all over!  i went to visit her the day after he was born in the hospital and eliz was so funny. she was sitting on the couch in the hospital room, sitting indian style and jumped right up to give me a hug and hand me the baby. then she asked the doctor if she could play tennis later that afternoon.  if you didn't know she JUST had a baby, you would NEVER have guessed!  she's a real trooper!!

so over the weekend, i had class friday night and all day saturday.  saturday night, we went to a cookout at alex and michael's beautiful home and then spent sunday canoeing in indiana!  note to self: canoeing sucks. dont go. :) 

unfortunately, sunday afternoon was spent at a funeral home. a boy i went to school with from k-8 passed away friday morning in his sleep. it's such a scary thought that tomorrow isn't promised. 
 i've made the decision to not take a single second for granted and enjoy everything.  therefore, i should go ahead and spill my soul and tell you i love all of you and you make my days happy. insert sunshine and smiley faces and blushing here.

and another note of something that makes me SO happy!  my own baby nephew colton. 

he took my phone and took this picture himself... isn't he talented?!  mister smarty pants!

then i read the little bambino a little goodnight moon while he wore his AMAZING elephant slippers on my lap in my long dress.  it was the happiest sight i've seen and i just absolutely adore his little spicy self.

i've been spending the early part of the week in cincinnati getting spoiled by my grandma by shopping, touring mansions, eating amazing foods, spending quality time by the pool and yada yada yada.  pictures to come.

but i wanted to make sure to share the updated info on baby jude (and colton) to all you supportive doll faces!! 



LB said...

That's terrible about your friend, but does help us all to remember not to take our days for granted!

Lindsay said...

I meant to comment on your last post...but that pregancy story was just crazy. I am so glad that both mommy and baby are doing well. They are so blessed! I bet Elizabeth is still in a state of shock!

Lindsay said...

He is the sweetest little guy! I LOVE his name!

Ashley said...

i STILL cannot get over this story....amazing. and what a cute little guy he is!

and colton's elephant slippers are so sylish - i think you have a heartbreaker on your hands!

enjoy all your traveling lova face! can't wait to see pics!

Chelsea Coleen said...

i'm with ash, still cant believe that story! but happy to know everyone is happy and healthy!

colton. you are cute. call me in 20 years :)

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