laguna beach: kcav/kyb style

you know its a good post when it begins with drinks.
after the spa (yesterdays post), i found myself sipping cocktails around 2pm overlooking the beach in laguna. 

i hate that i talk about our hotel before anything else but i'm mildly obsessed with it so here it goes...
umm, beaded headboard with that detail? swooon

beaded shelving. seriously. 

and the view. the pool with the marina in the background.  life is good :)

andddd the marina. something about seeing a marina through my hotel room window makes me smile.

be still my heart. it's just so beachy.

kentucky blonde ridin in style. 

and if you aren't smitten by the marina view, maybe the john view will do :)

i love the farms in kentucky but i'd take this too.

see? its the nice mixture of green grass and blue ocean. even when its cloudy, its beautiful.

this is where we stayed.  laguna cliffs resort & spa in dana point.  if you visit there, i'd highly recommend this place. its wonderful -- and get the fish tacos :)

the boy and myself at the beach. we watched this like 85 year old man surfing and he was the best one out there!  someday i'll surf... can you surf?

i'd take all of them.

why choose one when you can have them all?  i'd blast some beyonce, bring fountains of vodka, bourbon, beer, and gin, all my girlfriends, bloggers, all my friends, lounge around, and have the time of my life.  after i win the lottery of course.

lovely sight.

and here we are.  after choosing which ones to buy, we thought we could document us actually being there.

so there you have laguna/dana point.  i'm still waiting on pictures from when we went to dinner with my cousin for her birthday who just happens to live in dana point but it was a blast.  apparently mai tai's are a touch stronger in cali.  oopsies.

have you been to laguna??  or if not, who's your favorite laguna beach person?
lc? lo? kcav? stephen? talon? alex? i can't remember the others, ha. 
clearly mine is kcav because she's awesome.

ps - lindsay - next time we will plan something!  so glad we got to talk though! xo


Natasha said...

that hotel looks amazing!! i've never been to laguna but would LOVE to...

Rebecca said...

I have the same color longchamp as you!! and omg those drinks look to die for

A Wedding Story said...

How FUN! And yes, that headboard is definitely fabulous!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE that hotel. We stay there every year for my hubby's Christmas party. BEST PLACE EVER! :)

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I always love all of your photos! And the captions!

And when you buy one of those boats with all the alchyhol I would most definitely RSVP to that party! haha


Ashley said...

is that the gilligan's island lagoon with all those boats?

um this looks amazing - i want to steal those curtains, and that bag, and you and bring them all to Atlanta!....Don't worry, Chels and I will return you to John - the curtains and bag I'll have to think about ;)

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