the many faces of CAB

colton is now a little more than 4 months and the most precious little guy, if i say so myself.  he put his crying days behind him and now he's a ball of sunshine with personality, laughter, smiles, and the sweetest little hands and feet.
uh oh... i just wrote a paragraph about my nephew that made me look like a creepy aunt.
we'll call a spade a spade. :)
we had an impromptu photo shoot at lunch the other day and its only right that i share the outcome with you guys...are you in love too?? 

and with a smirk like that, you know he's nothin but trouble in his future years.  

are you an aunt? are you obsessed with the kids that are close to being yours but far enough away that you can hand them back when they have a poopy diaper? 



LJ said...

Creepy Aunt is totally acceptable. Creepy Unrelated Stranger - notsomuch. He is adorable! Let's play soon blogging buddy!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Be still my heart! How cute is he?!?!

Lindsay said...

He is beyond adorable :)

Tiffany said...

I'm a crazy (step) aunt. I always am taking pictures, dressing her up, and buying her everything!

Alyson said...

He is super precious, Jayme! Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Ryan K said...

He's darling :)

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