the meaning of san diego...

two posts in a row starting with drinks?  #winning
this, my friends, is the scorpion bowl. made for a group of 4 with long straws, but dominated by 3.

ah, san diago. a whales vaginer.

we spent the last night of our trip at the W hotel in downtown san diego. san diego was FANTASTIC!  even though our stay was so short.  we went to a wonderful sushi restaurant, nobu, for dinner. we drank much sake, ate fresh sushi, and had great company. two other of johns coworkers joined us.

i am by no means a "fashion blogger" but thought i should post my attempt to be cool.  bell bottoms are back in and i couldn't be happier. i wish i could do a close up of my belt but i'm totally diggin it.  the whole 'fit is from anthro so i clearly feel cool.

johnny and moi. but i guess you could've guessed that?

max. not sure why he's upset but clearly something was wrong. haha.

after nobu, we went to whiskey girl to get some drinks and ahh! it was so awesome. they played constant music videos going from prince to katy perry to cyndi to brit. everything and it was phenom.  have you been to whiskey girl?  just to make it better, there were some "interesting" people for people watching and even an attempt to pick this fine lady up when john went to the bathroom. :)  jamir- if you're reading... haha, so kidding. love you john.

anyways!  after our short jaunt to LA, laguna, and san diego, i left feeling refreshed, full, and happy!  i love the west coast and cannot wait to go back in october!



Lindsay said...

You guys look SO FUN! :) Can we be besties?

Natasha said...

i LOVE san diego...such a fun town with beautiful scenery! and the outfit looks adorable sweetie

A Simple Southern Life said...

It sounds like you have had an AMAZING trip!

Kerr said...

I love your outfit!

UpperBottom said...

first time visitor, and i too, am from kentucky (now in nc). my question is, when did flared jeans go out of style?!?!

Chelsea Coleen said...

don't you get any ideas about moving out there. i like my virtual friends closer rather than farther, juuust incase of a possible meet up!

your trip looks amazing and so did your outfit. OH summer. and the summer bright colors. please never leave us for stupid winter!

Ashley said...

so you get back to blogging and my computer crashes....not cool!

i am in love, love, love with your outfit! you look so LC for real! and next time you go to san diego and have wonderful vacations and massages....can i come in your suitcase? :)

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