playing dead

 let's get straight to business, shall we ladies?
when we got home saturday night, we were welcomed with a possum in the backyard.  it looked like something bit it so we figured maybe it was playing dead, maybe it was actually hurt.  john apparently has a strong hatred towards possums as he recommended either throwing things at it or other things. 
i said to let it stay there for a few minutes and see what happens.  so 5 minutes later, we were still watching it and it started looking around and then got up and creepily walked away.  
needless to say, possums are the absolute weirdest, grossest, creepiest things in the entire world.
ever had a run in with a possum playing dead? what'd you do??

so...back to reality.  our weekend was casual but perfect.  we spend friday night with our friends curt and cat eating wonderful food, drinking copious amounts of sweet tea vodka, and enjoying the company of the newlyweds.  cat even made this creme brulee from scratch and ohhhh myyyy heavens it was to die for!
i'll let these next pictures speak for themselves!!  
 for some reason, they didn't let me use the fire torch thingy so i was stuck with the photography... smart move by them. 

oops, forgot to mention we went to the reds game last week!  here's proof. :)
yup, john definitely locked the keys in the car. job well done, honey.

saturday night, we went to a wonderful wedding shower for my step sister, tori, who is getting hitched in september!  

sunday, however, was spent outside in the heat the whole day!  
i played golf with my dad, my cousins, and my boyfriend.  what a lucky girl i am.
i was secretly just excited to wear my golf shoes and my golf skirt. and impress the boys with my skillz, duh.

be still my heart. 3 of my favorite boys in one place.

yesterday, my friend kelly and i hung out at my moms pool with this little baby!!!
this is penny, the newest member of kellys family.  isn't she absolutely precious?!  almost considering getting a puppy...

woof. not ready for that.

in other news, how did your heart break for that poor ben on the bachelorette?!  i'll admit, the only episode i watched was the finale but ohhhh my! i felt so bad for him!  a man should only have to propose once in his life. poor guy.

have a happy tuesday!  XO


Rebecca said...

looks like a fun weekend!! You and your bf are so cute!

Morgan said...

Hello tan and gorgeous legs! :)
And as for the possum.. hilarious and scary at the same time!

Chelsea said...

I’ve missed you!
Possums, yes I think I hit one the other day. Seriously. It gave me goosebumps but was too dark and I was going to fast to stop. I am a murder. I was so afraid it was hanging on the end of my car, I parked around back in my complex. Austin said i need me own reality show. i certainly wouldn't be opposed to that hehe.

Austin played in a golf tourney yesterday (his one and only off day) my mom said and I quote “I will pay for you to take golf lessons” hmm… id rather just tag along like you and wear the shoes and skirt. And take pictures and drive the golf cart.

And finally, bachelorette. I think I was the only woman in America still routing for Ben. He was just so adorable. I felt so bad for him. Ashley should not have let him get down on one knee!!! But still I managed to cry and get goosebumps when JB proposed.
Oh reality TV. You complete me. one week till bachelor pad. I’d love to say I won’t be watching… but please.. let’s be serious.

and so this was a ramble response, you bring out the best in me, xoxoxo!

Ashley said...

hi my little kentucky butternut!

Ok, i come from a stangely odd family that LOVES all animals no matter race or creed so we actually have feed little possums before. yes, they are gross, filfhty and mangy looking!

do all your friends have amazing cooking or craft skills that involve fire? i will let you in on a secret - I dont. can we still be friends?

and hot dang - look at those tanned up golf legs. LOVE the skirt and the tennies.

and if i give you my address will you secretly steal penny and mail her too me? that would be amazing!

geez, chelsea and i win for overly long blog comments....at lesst you know who loves you right?!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend, except for the scary possum! And that pup is too adorable!

Kerr said...

I am very impressed with you golf shoes. I have some too, and I have used them all of two times. Totally wortht the $50....hopefully I'll use them again in the fall.

Fash Boulevard said...

looks like so much fun. love the golf shoes. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my Mad Hatter themed engagement party. Thanks love. xoxo


Ashley said...

yo homegirl! i know you probably have 2 weddings, 3 engagmenet parties and a housewarming to go to this weekend but we misssss yoour freshly facialed face! haha

just playing. just wanted to say HIII and twitter only limits my voice!

Day Old News said...

Yay! Get a puppy!! Glad you had a fun weekend. Bring on another!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my goodness, I would have died, eeeek! Glad you recovered and could still enjoy your weekend, ha!

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