you're the only 10 i see

oh my loves!   i definitely wasn't expecting to play dead for this long & i'm so sorry to leave you guys like that!  life is wild busy! since we left here, i've been to tennessee and california and had 293874 interviews and went to a wedding!
the wedding was last saturday and there were over 600 invites. it just go happened there was a GINORMOUS storm that came through about an hour before the wedding and shut out the power over most of the city... including the reception venue!  about 500 peeps and no power. but still, the wedding was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous in her carolina herrera dress. 
so, tennessee!  we had our little family vacay at norris lake since its close enough that everyone could come and go as they pleased.  it was a beautiful lake and an absolutely beautiful house that could sleep 22 people!  huge!  

i was secretly obsessed with those huge stones to walk down to the dock and really wanted to put every single one in my car and bring them home.  

look how big colton is!!  i leave for like two weeks from blog world and come back to this beast!  (please ignore my cousins nipples)  :)
and coltons shirt:
i'm fly likfe MJ in his prime.

this is cameron, my cousin.  can you believe he's single?  :)

our family of 3.  I KID I KID.  johnny, colton, and moi. i'm a happy gal.

this is one of the little family rooms of the house. the whole place is wide open and beautiful and very lake-y.

the kitchen. i whipped up some masterpieces in there. you know, cereal WITH milk.

we normally ate dinner (and every meal for that matter) at the house but one of the nights we went to one of the locals marinas which had surprisingly great food!  this is my step dad on the ride.

and my sammy. gettin it.

3 generations - moi, jessie, nanoo, and colton.


the crew. cam and john were also there but left right before the picture. :(  

my brother in law and my step dad. they love golf.

my grandpa and cousin riley.

my uncle with a little bit of a kisser on his cheek from jessie. ow ow

and on that note!  ahhh, it feels good to be back!  i've missed you all but have definitely been reading, just not commenting as much!  what's been going on in your life that is a must know?  



Rachel said...

SO great!

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous pics! I hope you had a BLAST!!!!!

Ashley Stone said...

great pics, LOVE the baby feet! xoxo

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