growing old

ever since monday night, i've been trying to understand when i got so old.
i came home from class and was welcomed to the following conversation:
john: hey...jaym...i have something to tell you...
me: this is never good, is it?
john: i had a guy come over while you were in class...
me: this is weird.
john: and i realized we really need to change something...
me: this is really weird.. a man? while i was in class?  changing? awkkkward...
john: yes. we need new gutters.
me: nooooo!!!!! i'm officially old!!!!!!!
so it happened.  i'm old and now spending my free time (and money) discussing GUTTERS and leafguard and "potential foundation issues in the future" and aluminum and end caps and ohhh my! i never thought it would happen.
since i've realized i was old and getting new gutters, i've been thinking of so many other things that have changed during the past 3-5 years for me.  i'm 25 years old and having that detox reality that i'm not in college anymore. i'm actually 3 months from graduating GRAD school. MBA world here i come.

the list of realizing i'm officially old: can you relate??

-getting new gutters

-the differences of LOVING undergrad for being in COLLEGE and not having a care in the world to going to GRAD school and realizing COLLEGE is a whole different world

-spending saturday nights painting walls

-working out because its the cool thing to do on campus and wearing your sports bra and yoga shorts because college girls weigh approximately 89 pounds.  now working out because my metabolism suddenly hates me.
working out

-tired vs hungover

-college: girlfriends call to announce breakups
after college: girlfriends call to announce engagements

-a crazy/successful night goes from staying out til 4am to mastering the fishtail braid.
Huge fishtail braid

-college: got an A! 
after college: got a Baby!

-facebook becomes the means of networking instead of stalking

-at kentucky, the 5th floor of the library was where you went to hang out with your friends and party, for a lack of better words, and it was a daily activity.  a pre-game, if you will.  now, we must schedule get togethers with friends months in advance to accommodate the 14 weddings we have this year.

and last but not least, i'm officially old because 

-i'm sad i killed my basil and mint.

what was the moment you realized you were officially old?!


go cats...

it's no secret kentucky basketball takes the cake when discussing kentucky athletics.  however, there's little in the world that is better than kentucky tailgating and seeing the seas of blue and white.  the scents of grilling burgers, girl fights by the toilets, the drunk college girls (and guys), and the rivals getting booed at by the bystanders.
john and i outside of commonwealth. 

pat and kaitlin. they are gettin hitched in december... yay!

*commonwealth stadium*

do you love these belts the boys have been wearing lately??  because i love them.

the fellas at our tailgate.

and the ladies.

it was great to be back in lexington for the day but a sad, sad day for two reasons:
one of my besties, jenny, moved to chicago and it was really weird to be tailgating without her.  she was very missed!
and because it is with much regret, i must tell you kentucky lost. to louisville. it was so sad.

win or lose, we still booze.
go cats!

who's your favorite team??

ps - i've been crying all day because tonight is the finale of teen mom. i'm just not ready to say goodbye to catelynn and tyler yet.  or BBBBBentley!!  are you obsessed with this show too??  and also, real housewives of beverly hills is taking over my life.  ok, enough of this guilty pleasure rant. 


red hot red carpet

the only break our tv took from continuous football games was the exception of the emmys. it was the perfect compliment to the masculinity fall brings with nonstop gaming and updates on fantasy football leagues -- 2 leagues for me and a whopping 5 leagues for john!
63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
if you are not a giuliana rancic fan, our friendship is automatically questionable.  if having perfect hair doesn't put her in your top 5, then i guess the fact of her flawless body, too cute hubby, healthy relationship, amazeballs job, top of the line couture clothing, and her non-sorority but still super happy personality should make you change your mind!  love her, so hard. and she looks so perfect in this gorgeous gown... which was second to her cavalli dress for the pre-carpet festivities.  
Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Julie Bowen
and i tweeted about julie bowen... yes, she is absolutely gorgeous!  but i'll admit, i think she could use a couple extra servings for her next 148 meals.  agreed or no? 

Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Sofia Vergara
much like this post, modern family was the top of the line and major winner of the night.  the first four of the awards went to them... well done!  but sofia vergara... are you real??  she is so so gorgeous! did she get a reduction or something?  she looks phenom though and yes, i love the accent!

Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Nina Dobrev
the overall winner for best dressed in my opinion goes to nina dobrev!  whoaaa... can i have this dress as a wedding gown?! or a night gown because i'm pretty sure i would never ever ever take this sucker off!  she looks unreal!
Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Gwyneth Paltrow
and ewwie... what are you thinking gwenyth!?  this is le miserable. i know she is like 37 but looks like she's 18 but that still doesn't mean she can pull of fugliness like this!  plus, with all the extra time she's spent in the spotlight, you'd think she would know this is a huge no no! 

why do you watch the emmys? or other award shows?  is it for the fashion or for the actual show??

who were your favorites or not so favorites?!


she's crafffty: shots to flowers

when john and i moved in together, i was actually impressed with his eye for decor. there was nothing that i really hated or knew i had to change. i simply knew i had to *add some feminine touches*... i put the * there because it makes it prettier when said out and less complain-y... right?

so john thought a nice touch to the window sill above the kitchen sink were these shot glasses.
yes, of course i encourage mass amounts of drinking in any situation however, it's not always necessary to remind me exactly where my headache on sunday morning came from... saturday night and those shot glasses that stare back at me.

so one day, i added some flowers to them. 

yes, they looked prettier but the el jimador just wasn't doin it for me.

so one day, john came home from work and saw the weapon sitting on the table. i accidentally forgot to put it back in it's assigned closet and he immediately said, "jayme. what did you spray paint again?" 
{insert tail between my legs and hand to forehead.... stoooopid! note to self: put evidence away}

but for the sake of this post, i even have pictures of evidence that yes, i am guilty and yes, i spray painted your ever so beloved el jimador shot glasses.  :)
{also, clearly spray painting shot glasses trumps my healthy recipes book. who wants black bean frittatas  or spinach stuffed chicken anyways??  crafts>cooking}

so while i did not force john to remove his shot glasses from becoming a staple decor piece in the home, i simply added flowers and painted them gold. 
see honey, i told you i love your decorating. i may just add a few touches, if you will...


so please please please do share your little secrets that make your home a little more feminine and homier!  i love little easy tricks you little bloggers think of with your creative little minds.

ps. i put my dish soap in that oil glass vase because i think its prettier.  in retrospect, i guess i should've/could've moved it for these pictures... sorry bout that one.



wedding: tori & cash

thursday night was the rehearsal dinner for my stepsister tori's upcoming nuptials to cash on friday night.
it was a doc crow's which is downtown louisville and it was so pretty!  

lauren, jessie, tori, paige, moi.

my stud.

my sister, jessie.

our dad. :)

with our men.

the wedding was on friday night and it was at the brown hotel in downtown louisville. 

my camera battery died so i only have those pictures from my iphone. but i was able to catch this picture of the beautiful bride and groom!
isn't she beautiful!

the happy couple.

the whole weekend was wonderful and beautiful and i am so happy for them! tori and cash both had 9 peeps on each side of their bridal party with the bridesmaids wearing long, floor length purple dresses and they were so pretty!  i'll post a picture when i find one.  



ribs & games

this couple
and this couple
had an amazing staycation.

my mom and stepdad went to paris so john and i housesat and stayed with the dogs. we were so lucky that curt and cat decided to join for four days and it was awesome.  we cooked, ate, drank, played games, relaxed, and enjoyed ourselves.

we added some vodka infused watermelon to our skinnygirl sangria. even though it led to an allergic reaction (to me, oops) i have to admit, it was worth it. so so good and a necessity for game night.

we made ribs. a lot of ribs.

it is so much fun to watch cat (and curt and john) in the kitchen because she is such a natural there.  when i cook, i follow the directions verbatim and drive myself crazy with every single detail. but cat just goes in there, adds some of this, a little of that, and WABAM! it's a perfect meal!  

cat is a celiac (allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye) but she's just so lovely that she even made things just for us to eat.  the ribs were amazing and fell right off the bone.  have you ever attempted?
just an ordinary tiny little snack.
notttt, this plate was serious and heavenly!

in college, we ate ramen and drank wine out of a box.
today, in our super rich and successful (haaa) life, we make the best of the best.

when it was sunny, we were by the pool.
but the day it rained, we sat in bed and played approximately 7 hours of electronic life. with continuous pitchers of bourbon.  so relaxing, so fun, and even if i lost, i still won.

it was the perfect (labor day weekend...i'm a little behind) that i hope to make a tradition out of this!

what'd you do labor day weekend?  does your perfect day consist of board games, bourbon, bed, and besties??



my loves!
it is finally friday (hooooray!) and i've had a crazy busy week (hence blogging backseat) but i'm so ready to celebrate tonight at my sister's wedding!!  
good things come to those who…?
after months and months of preparation, the day has arrived!

i'm smiling because the wedding is tonight!!
but i'm not smiling because i have to spend allll day tomorrow is class... boooo!  but at least it is my very.last.saturday class of grad school!
the end is in sight and i couldn't be happier.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling!

ps - of course i've been enjoying the fall weather along with my very own psl. 
(clearly, if you blog, you know what psl stands for.)  




mansions: a different world

i am so fortunate to have the coolest grandmother in the world. i've talked about her a gazillion times but she's just so super fun and crazy.  she's an artist and lives in northern kentucky. i spent tuesday and wednesday with her, shopping and going on tours of mansions.
here we are lounging at my aunt's pool...

oh, right. the pig.  that's pierre. my aunt (and uncle and cousins) have three black labs and a pig. it's kinda like a friendly farm around there and never a dull moment... just like my life.

anything cuter than a huge pig nose in your face?

do you spy anything out of the ordinary in this picture?  the lovely pool, all the amazing greenery, the nice shed in the back but if you look a little closer... that's pierre. sunbathing.  a sunbathing pig? who woulda thunk?  it was so funny because he was just lounging over there and then he would turn and sit on his hind legs to tan his back. it was awesome. but still a little weird.

so the next pictures are from my iphone because i'm a dummy and forgot my camera.  but it was still great.  the day wasn't very beautiful but the sights were still breathtaking. 

we went to green acres on wednesday for a private tour. a little history for you: (and some of it probably won't make sense) but this amazing mansion was the home of the nippert's and is now approximately 600 acres of a working farm in cincinnati. it's so bizarre to not see a single house knowing how populated cincinnati is.  
the mansion portion of this working farm is now a museum and lo and behold, it features a painting of my own grandmother, beverly erschell! being the famous artist she is, she was able to get a private tour on a day they were closed for just us!

they hold weddings here which i can only imagine to be pure perfection. sorry about the crooked picture here, it's bugging me too. just keep scrolling...

it's tough to tell but everything is amazing... the stone is the original stone and the roof and gutters are amazing. (no, i never thought i'd ever see myself type a sense like that)

looking down the waterfalls. there are walkways on each side of this and its beautiful.  i could imagine myself in a long, white dress with a prince charming at the bottom...ugh, i'm getting carried away.

i know you are probably assuming this is my back yard because i have quite the green thumb but i regret to inform you that it is in fact not mine.  

pretty fascinating.

fun fact: the people that lived there before the nipperts (i forget their name) ... apparently the husband was quite the manwhore and he would bring women home all the time. so when he died, his wife tore down his side of the home because it was so filthy. haha, i thought that was great. 

nanoo's painting!  isn't it beautiful!  (its the one on top)

another fun fact: this is a picture of the windows of the children's bedrooms.  they put this amazing iron work on the windows to prevent people coming in and kidnapping them in the middle of the night.  rumor has it, wealthy people are a target for kidnapping. today, that would be a fire hazard and not allowed.  
fire > kidnapping.

a cool painting of the 50 years of history of the reds.  mr. nippert (the late former owner of the home) was the money behind the cincinnati reds for quite some time.  these people are looooaded!

seriously, click on that picture and check out the gutters and roof.  its wild, if i say so myself.

mrs. nippert just turned 100 years old and she still goes to this mansion twice a week to go swimming!  ballerrr!

also, last year, she donated $85 million to the cincinnati symphony.  $85 mil. do you have any idea what i could do with $85 mil?
for beginners: 
-blog convention in fiji
-buy all bloggers a new canon and computer (except for ash because she just treated herself to a new fancy comp)
-buy that range rover i've been eyeing
-end this job search
-buy that rebecca taylor top i've been eyeing
-buy rebecca taylor
-travel every.single.day
-hire someone to do my laundry, garden, cleaning, reading, drinking, eating, working out, chores, talking, breathing, driving, and living.

-what would you do with $85 mil? and please don't say give it to the symphony...


looking up the cool waterfalls.

and one final view of the mansion.  ahhh, someday...

i hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend and celebrate the (hopefully) great weather!  what are your plans??


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