go cats...

it's no secret kentucky basketball takes the cake when discussing kentucky athletics.  however, there's little in the world that is better than kentucky tailgating and seeing the seas of blue and white.  the scents of grilling burgers, girl fights by the toilets, the drunk college girls (and guys), and the rivals getting booed at by the bystanders.
john and i outside of commonwealth. 

pat and kaitlin. they are gettin hitched in december... yay!

*commonwealth stadium*

do you love these belts the boys have been wearing lately??  because i love them.

the fellas at our tailgate.

and the ladies.

it was great to be back in lexington for the day but a sad, sad day for two reasons:
one of my besties, jenny, moved to chicago and it was really weird to be tailgating without her.  she was very missed!
and because it is with much regret, i must tell you kentucky lost. to louisville. it was so sad.

win or lose, we still booze.
go cats!

who's your favorite team??

ps - i've been crying all day because tonight is the finale of teen mom. i'm just not ready to say goodbye to catelynn and tyler yet.  or BBBBBentley!!  are you obsessed with this show too??  and also, real housewives of beverly hills is taking over my life.  ok, enough of this guilty pleasure rant. 


Jenny B said...

Missed you too!!!!!!! GO CATS!!!!!!!

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I have NEVER missed an episode of Teen Mom or the current casts episodes of 16 & Pregnant. I am totally obsessed with them and their children.


Jane Alisa said...

I love your blue dress. xoxo

a sip of fashion baby said...

all in blue!! 8)

on my blog there's a fashion competition..i wait you there..8)
maybe we can follow each other if you like...

Ashley said...

yo doll face!! um loving that shade of blue but are you only friends with blondes? i think you need a brunette in the mix....i know the perfect one ;)

and OMG if i didnt forget to tivo teen mom last night. thank god it's MTV and it will be re-aired 973 times this week alone! BEST.SHOW.EVER!!!!!

Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

Love, love, LOVE your blog! It's so cute, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

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