growing old

ever since monday night, i've been trying to understand when i got so old.
i came home from class and was welcomed to the following conversation:
john: hey...jaym...i have something to tell you...
me: this is never good, is it?
john: i had a guy come over while you were in class...
me: this is weird.
john: and i realized we really need to change something...
me: this is really weird.. a man? while i was in class?  changing? awkkkward...
john: yes. we need new gutters.
me: nooooo!!!!! i'm officially old!!!!!!!
so it happened.  i'm old and now spending my free time (and money) discussing GUTTERS and leafguard and "potential foundation issues in the future" and aluminum and end caps and ohhh my! i never thought it would happen.
since i've realized i was old and getting new gutters, i've been thinking of so many other things that have changed during the past 3-5 years for me.  i'm 25 years old and having that detox reality that i'm not in college anymore. i'm actually 3 months from graduating GRAD school. MBA world here i come.

the list of realizing i'm officially old: can you relate??

-getting new gutters

-the differences of LOVING undergrad for being in COLLEGE and not having a care in the world to going to GRAD school and realizing COLLEGE is a whole different world

-spending saturday nights painting walls

-working out because its the cool thing to do on campus and wearing your sports bra and yoga shorts because college girls weigh approximately 89 pounds.  now working out because my metabolism suddenly hates me.
working out

-tired vs hungover

-college: girlfriends call to announce breakups
after college: girlfriends call to announce engagements

-a crazy/successful night goes from staying out til 4am to mastering the fishtail braid.
Huge fishtail braid

-college: got an A! 
after college: got a Baby!

-facebook becomes the means of networking instead of stalking

-at kentucky, the 5th floor of the library was where you went to hang out with your friends and party, for a lack of better words, and it was a daily activity.  a pre-game, if you will.  now, we must schedule get togethers with friends months in advance to accommodate the 14 weddings we have this year.

and last but not least, i'm officially old because 

-i'm sad i killed my basil and mint.

what was the moment you realized you were officially old?!


Mrs. Lovely said...

This is sooo awful to admit, but I'm 29, my husband is 32 and we were out with friends downtown last month, one too many tequila shots were had and I got a little emotional and told my husband I didn't want to be out at a bar anymore I wanted to be home with a baby. It hit me all at once, we've been married almost a year, I turn 30 in December and we're ready. Wow.

Kim said...

uh I realized I was old when my new bedtime has become 10pm. I used to stay out until 4 or 5 am... now that sounds like complete and utter torture! Fo sho.

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Bahahaha...your fishtail braid comment cracked me up! I STILL can't master it! lol.

And yes...I realized I'm old TODAY...because tomorrow I will be driving to Memphis for my TEN year high school reunion. YUP..I'm THAT old!!

Lindsay said...

Haha, you're last thought about getting old cracked me up because I, too, was completely bummed out when my basil, mint, and parsley died! How funny!

The Engaged Life said...

This is too funny!

katherinebee said...

I have probably killed 5 basil plants. You're not alone!

Natalie said...

Your last one about killing mint and basil plants hit home with me. I hate to admit I did the same this summer. AHHH, I'm old too!


{av} | {long distance loving} said...

girl--I understand you more than you know. I feel so old lately...we're finally starting to think about buying a house and for some reason that REALLY freaks me out! I loved the facebook comment, btw. It cracked me up! Hope you have a great week! xoxo {av}

Samantha said...

ugggh! Slowly starting to get this feeling :) Cute blog ;)

southernsomedays.blogspot.com said...

I just started following your blog, I'm another KY girl:)

Girl, this post is so true..staying out past 10 is a stretch for me nowdays..and I actually stayed in trying to master the fishtail braid the other night too!

Miss Chelsea said...

Hahah I love the gutter story. A man?!

Kylee Groves said...

I understand how you feel. It’s just kind of amusing that getting new gutters can signal a turning point in our lives. Aren’t women just amazing? :) All the same, we can always stay young and never lose the heart for life. What was wrong with the gutters, btw? -->Kylee

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