mansions: a different world

i am so fortunate to have the coolest grandmother in the world. i've talked about her a gazillion times but she's just so super fun and crazy.  she's an artist and lives in northern kentucky. i spent tuesday and wednesday with her, shopping and going on tours of mansions.
here we are lounging at my aunt's pool...

oh, right. the pig.  that's pierre. my aunt (and uncle and cousins) have three black labs and a pig. it's kinda like a friendly farm around there and never a dull moment... just like my life.

anything cuter than a huge pig nose in your face?

do you spy anything out of the ordinary in this picture?  the lovely pool, all the amazing greenery, the nice shed in the back but if you look a little closer... that's pierre. sunbathing.  a sunbathing pig? who woulda thunk?  it was so funny because he was just lounging over there and then he would turn and sit on his hind legs to tan his back. it was awesome. but still a little weird.

so the next pictures are from my iphone because i'm a dummy and forgot my camera.  but it was still great.  the day wasn't very beautiful but the sights were still breathtaking. 

we went to green acres on wednesday for a private tour. a little history for you: (and some of it probably won't make sense) but this amazing mansion was the home of the nippert's and is now approximately 600 acres of a working farm in cincinnati. it's so bizarre to not see a single house knowing how populated cincinnati is.  
the mansion portion of this working farm is now a museum and lo and behold, it features a painting of my own grandmother, beverly erschell! being the famous artist she is, she was able to get a private tour on a day they were closed for just us!

they hold weddings here which i can only imagine to be pure perfection. sorry about the crooked picture here, it's bugging me too. just keep scrolling...

it's tough to tell but everything is amazing... the stone is the original stone and the roof and gutters are amazing. (no, i never thought i'd ever see myself type a sense like that)

looking down the waterfalls. there are walkways on each side of this and its beautiful.  i could imagine myself in a long, white dress with a prince charming at the bottom...ugh, i'm getting carried away.

i know you are probably assuming this is my back yard because i have quite the green thumb but i regret to inform you that it is in fact not mine.  

pretty fascinating.

fun fact: the people that lived there before the nipperts (i forget their name) ... apparently the husband was quite the manwhore and he would bring women home all the time. so when he died, his wife tore down his side of the home because it was so filthy. haha, i thought that was great. 

nanoo's painting!  isn't it beautiful!  (its the one on top)

another fun fact: this is a picture of the windows of the children's bedrooms.  they put this amazing iron work on the windows to prevent people coming in and kidnapping them in the middle of the night.  rumor has it, wealthy people are a target for kidnapping. today, that would be a fire hazard and not allowed.  
fire > kidnapping.

a cool painting of the 50 years of history of the reds.  mr. nippert (the late former owner of the home) was the money behind the cincinnati reds for quite some time.  these people are looooaded!

seriously, click on that picture and check out the gutters and roof.  its wild, if i say so myself.

mrs. nippert just turned 100 years old and she still goes to this mansion twice a week to go swimming!  ballerrr!

also, last year, she donated $85 million to the cincinnati symphony.  $85 mil. do you have any idea what i could do with $85 mil?
for beginners: 
-blog convention in fiji
-buy all bloggers a new canon and computer (except for ash because she just treated herself to a new fancy comp)
-buy that range rover i've been eyeing
-end this job search
-buy that rebecca taylor top i've been eyeing
-buy rebecca taylor
-travel every.single.day
-hire someone to do my laundry, garden, cleaning, reading, drinking, eating, working out, chores, talking, breathing, driving, and living.

-what would you do with $85 mil? and please don't say give it to the symphony...


looking up the cool waterfalls.

and one final view of the mansion.  ahhh, someday...

i hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend and celebrate the (hopefully) great weather!  what are your plans??



Anonymous said...

Such a great read! I love you!! Donk

Kerr said...

The pig, hilarious. The pig sun bathing, fantastic. That house, gorgeous. Happy labor day weekend!

Ashley said...

people not knowing their preggers and sunbathing pigs? you officially have the most entertaining blog on the Web!

and if your grandma needs another (brunette) granddaughter and a new honda....we can come to KY in an instant!

Fash Boulevard said...

haha. sunbathing pigs. too funny. loved this. i've got a new outfit post. would love to know what you think. thanks love. xoxo


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