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the only break our tv took from continuous football games was the exception of the emmys. it was the perfect compliment to the masculinity fall brings with nonstop gaming and updates on fantasy football leagues -- 2 leagues for me and a whopping 5 leagues for john!
63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
if you are not a giuliana rancic fan, our friendship is automatically questionable.  if having perfect hair doesn't put her in your top 5, then i guess the fact of her flawless body, too cute hubby, healthy relationship, amazeballs job, top of the line couture clothing, and her non-sorority but still super happy personality should make you change your mind!  love her, so hard. and she looks so perfect in this gorgeous gown... which was second to her cavalli dress for the pre-carpet festivities.  
Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Julie Bowen
and i tweeted about julie bowen... yes, she is absolutely gorgeous!  but i'll admit, i think she could use a couple extra servings for her next 148 meals.  agreed or no? 

Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Sofia Vergara
much like this post, modern family was the top of the line and major winner of the night.  the first four of the awards went to them... well done!  but sofia vergara... are you real??  she is so so gorgeous! did she get a reduction or something?  she looks phenom though and yes, i love the accent!

Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Nina Dobrev
the overall winner for best dressed in my opinion goes to nina dobrev!  whoaaa... can i have this dress as a wedding gown?! or a night gown because i'm pretty sure i would never ever ever take this sucker off!  she looks unreal!
Emmys 2011: What All the Stars Wore!: Gwyneth Paltrow
and ewwie... what are you thinking gwenyth!?  this is le miserable. i know she is like 37 but looks like she's 18 but that still doesn't mean she can pull of fugliness like this!  plus, with all the extra time she's spent in the spotlight, you'd think she would know this is a huge no no! 

why do you watch the emmys? or other award shows?  is it for the fashion or for the actual show??

who were your favorites or not so favorites?!


Rachel said...

I didn't get to watch the Emmys so thanks for the re-cap! SUCH gorgeous gowns!!!

Chelsea Coleen said...

Ok so the other week I wanted to watch a show I’ve never seen before. I decided to go with the vampire diaries. I bought episode one off itunes and LOVED IT. I bought 2 more. Then I realized this is going to get pricey because I want to watch them all (then stone showed me a great website—ch131.com) so i have finished the first season and am almost half way through the second and its AMAZING. And I love the characters and Nina is sooooo gorg! So I am so happy she had such a gorg dress on last night! I ended up watching the falcons game over the emmys…. LAME! Ppps- I LOVED that you have blog convos with john!!! Seriously, when I read it Austin was over so I read it to him. I do the SAME THING!! :)

Chelsea Coleen said...

sometimes my comments don't make sense, but that's just because i get overly excited writing them. i apologize in advance :)

Mrs. Lovely said...

I LOVED Heidi Klum's dress. Really loved. And giuliana & bill are my favorites!

Ashley said...

i think my brain entered your head for that first paragraph....or we share a brain...which is totally cool b/c i LOOOOOVE giulianna rancic!

i went and had my hair ombre'd up like G this weekend....of course I didnt come out looking like I had Giulianna Rancic hair but, I totally love telling people that don't know what the heck I did to my hair - "you know, Giulianna Rancic hair."

oh and i totally voted mrs. vampire diares best dressed toooooo!

Lindsay said...

I love Giuliana Rancic! She is so adorable! And I agree with you on Gwenyth Paltrow's dress. AWFUL! And she is so pretty usually...

Jane Alisa said...

Nina looks AMAZING. xoxo

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