ribs & games

this couple
and this couple
had an amazing staycation.

my mom and stepdad went to paris so john and i housesat and stayed with the dogs. we were so lucky that curt and cat decided to join for four days and it was awesome.  we cooked, ate, drank, played games, relaxed, and enjoyed ourselves.

we added some vodka infused watermelon to our skinnygirl sangria. even though it led to an allergic reaction (to me, oops) i have to admit, it was worth it. so so good and a necessity for game night.

we made ribs. a lot of ribs.

it is so much fun to watch cat (and curt and john) in the kitchen because she is such a natural there.  when i cook, i follow the directions verbatim and drive myself crazy with every single detail. but cat just goes in there, adds some of this, a little of that, and WABAM! it's a perfect meal!  

cat is a celiac (allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye) but she's just so lovely that she even made things just for us to eat.  the ribs were amazing and fell right off the bone.  have you ever attempted?
just an ordinary tiny little snack.
notttt, this plate was serious and heavenly!

in college, we ate ramen and drank wine out of a box.
today, in our super rich and successful (haaa) life, we make the best of the best.

when it was sunny, we were by the pool.
but the day it rained, we sat in bed and played approximately 7 hours of electronic life. with continuous pitchers of bourbon.  so relaxing, so fun, and even if i lost, i still won.

it was the perfect (labor day weekend...i'm a little behind) that i hope to make a tradition out of this!

what'd you do labor day weekend?  does your perfect day consist of board games, bourbon, bed, and besties??


Miss Chelsea said...

Life AND bourbon? Sounds like heaven! Do you like SkinnyGirl Sangria by itself?? I tried it this past weekend and was not impressed... but maybe watermelon is the trick?

Emily said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend!!

Chelsea Coleen said...

I’ve never had ribs before. I am lame. They sort of intimidate me. but I am a master at board games and an equally as impressive master at bourbon. Yum reminds me of game days and strapping it to my leg to sneak into the stadium

I want to have a staycation. And I totally can now that my BF if back! Yipppppppppe. Ps give me yo numba so we can text. Or sext. Whichev.

Kerr said...

Ah I love ribs! And I love that you had bourbon and board games.

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