she's crafffty: shots to flowers

when john and i moved in together, i was actually impressed with his eye for decor. there was nothing that i really hated or knew i had to change. i simply knew i had to *add some feminine touches*... i put the * there because it makes it prettier when said out and less complain-y... right?

so john thought a nice touch to the window sill above the kitchen sink were these shot glasses.
yes, of course i encourage mass amounts of drinking in any situation however, it's not always necessary to remind me exactly where my headache on sunday morning came from... saturday night and those shot glasses that stare back at me.

so one day, i added some flowers to them. 

yes, they looked prettier but the el jimador just wasn't doin it for me.

so one day, john came home from work and saw the weapon sitting on the table. i accidentally forgot to put it back in it's assigned closet and he immediately said, "jayme. what did you spray paint again?" 
{insert tail between my legs and hand to forehead.... stoooopid! note to self: put evidence away}

but for the sake of this post, i even have pictures of evidence that yes, i am guilty and yes, i spray painted your ever so beloved el jimador shot glasses.  :)
{also, clearly spray painting shot glasses trumps my healthy recipes book. who wants black bean frittatas  or spinach stuffed chicken anyways??  crafts>cooking}

so while i did not force john to remove his shot glasses from becoming a staple decor piece in the home, i simply added flowers and painted them gold. 
see honey, i told you i love your decorating. i may just add a few touches, if you will...


so please please please do share your little secrets that make your home a little more feminine and homier!  i love little easy tricks you little bloggers think of with your creative little minds.

ps. i put my dish soap in that oil glass vase because i think its prettier.  in retrospect, i guess i should've/could've moved it for these pictures... sorry bout that one.



Morgan said...

Love them! Fresh flowers always make a home light and homey. :)

Rachel said...

Hilarious. i can't wait to get my hands on some of my bf's "decor"

Amanda said...

Such a cute idea! All of my husbands "decor" if you will is under the guest bed or in our storage closet! I won't let it see the light of day until he gets a man cave...he he :)

Lindsay said...

HOW Cute! I love this idea :)

Ashley said...

this post makes me happy.....but mostly because i FINALLY know the truth....ya'll live together. yay! :)

bow chica bow wow :)

Kerr said...

Love it. I have never spray painted anything so you are kicking my non crafty rear end!

Ashley Stone said...


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