fairy godmother & pumpkins

i am so proud to say i am this little guys godmother.
my precious nephew was baptized yesterday and stole the hearts of every person in the church.

(he got bit by a mean mosquito hence his little bite under his eye. poor guy.
hey, mr. mosquito- pick on someone your own size!)

there's jessie and taylor on stage with myself and his godfather, rob, which is taylor's brother.

the four of us.  just 3 short years ago, rob and i stood on the same stage on the same sides next to jessie and taylor as their best man and maid of honor on their wedding day.  we're so blessed that we can both stand in the same position for their first born, baby colton.

my heart is melting.

after we had a delicious celebratory lunch and amazing cupcakes made by the ever so talent maggie from sugar mama's... we headed to hubers.

we drove this amazing scenery that i will never get tired of to pick out some great pumpkins and have a touch of wine tasting... since we clearly didn't get enough wine tasting last weekend in california. :)

there's nothing better than the season of fall.

the love of my life frolicking through the pumpkin patch.

we picked up some nice spiced apple wine, sat at an outdoor table, and enjoyed some nice live music.

and then drove home. i kept hoping john would get lost so we could see more amazing views like this but unfortunately, he's got a sense of direction like a hound dog.

absolutely loving fall.

between becoming a godmother and having my nephew baptized and spending the afternoon with my love at hubers and driving around on a beautiful day, i'd say yesterday was pretty successful.




A Simple Southern Life said...

This post made me so happy(: Your nephew is precious! And I agree.. nothing better than fall and all of the festivities that come with it!

Chelsea Coleen said...

this gave me goosebumps! you make a WONDERFUL god mother :)

stone and i need to get our pumpkins ASAP!

what will yall be for halloween! i cant wait to find out :)

Mrs. Lovely said...

Beautiful weekend!

Cassie said...

When I was in KY, I loved the drives there! Everything is so pretty! Fall there is a lot like fall in AR! Gorgeous!

Ashley said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I'm so excited, I absolutely love fall!

Lindsay said...

I think Ive said this a billion times but I am SO JEALOUS of your fall seasons! GORGEOUS THERE!

Ashley said...

seriously you pull off cheesy in love in the most un-obnoxious perfect way ever!!! love you two!

and what an adorable little nugget! so presh!!

oh and i'm UHB-sessed with your outfit!

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a precious little godson you have! It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Hope you week is just as wonderful!

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Your God son is absolutely adorable!

Kerr said...

What a good looking family!

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