life improvements

life has been quite exciting lately, hence the unintentional hiatus.  
first things first...
my mom had emergency eye surgery on tuesday due to a detached retina.  {insert "ouuuuch"}  this picture is about an hour after the surgery and she's still on her happy meds.  but isn't she the cutest? it's been a week now and the recovery is strolling along even though it means no traveling for 8 weeks, no looking up which includes she can't get her hair done or go to the dentist, and she can't sleep on her back and some other things. 

to keep mama company, my sister, bro in law, colton, john, and i spent friday night at moms house drinking wine, playing games, and taking care of the sweet little lady. now let's take a moment to look at precious colton's awesome hat, "fur" vest, and UK onesie.

i apologize for the bad iphone picture but john and i redid the entry way.  we (ok, fine, he) hung up the mirror that i'm loving and switched out the boom box ipod player thingy for some serenity feel of candles and things.  thoughts??  what else would you change? i'm totally up for advice.

when my roomie came home and immediately commented on how clean the sink was, i knew i had to share with my little blogettes this secret weapon i discovered.  baby oil on chrome... works wonders!  did you know that or am i last one to find out such magic??

please share your other quick cleaning secrets because the life of a stay at home girlfriend is a dirty one.  {pun kinda intended}

we are thisclose to finishing our basement and i am THISHAPPY about it.  consider this the brag book portion of this post.  on friday, i surprised john by painting half the basement (its a ginger ale color) and he surprised me with hanging the shelves in the storage room.  eventually, i'll have a total basement post but until then, i'll leave you with small pictures of semi-finished things.  

are you watching real housewives of new jersey and/or beverly hills? because i'm uhhhbsessed and figured i'd share my thoughts.
1. new jersey: teresa is crayyyyyyzzzyyyy. she used to be the reason i watched the show but now i watch it for mainly melissa. teresa needs to have a reality check. (reality check, haha, i didn't even mean that but that's funny)
melissa > teresa.
2. beverly hills: at first, brandi made herself look like a dumbdumb but i think i really like her now.  kyle & kim were so mean to her and brandi ended up having to take the blame. #lame
3. beverly hills: adrienne's spa day. if we're friends and you expect something like that from me, consider us not friends anymore.  kapeesh? kapeesh.

so my loves, game time.  take at least one topic from this enormous post and discuss it in the comments section. 



Ashley said...

I feel the SAME way about Teresa. She's insane. The boyfriend has started watching with me (recently moved in together) and when the reunion episodes were on he said the show stressed him out too much and would hate to be them! Hah! I'm excited to see how season 4 goes down though.

P.s. I'm stealing the baby oil idea...I've never heard of it before!

Mrs. Lovely said...

My MIL had a detached retina about 2 years ago. Very scary at the time, but she is healed and well! Prayers for a quick recovery :)

Emily said...

aww poor mom!! I hope things heal quickly for her, that seems so painful and annoying. I like the entry way and the paint color of the basement, we have something similar in our home! I watch them both and I agree Teresa is just plain mean this season. I no longer like her- I think she's now getting what she deserves for being mean to the people (like Caroline) who were always there for her! BH I love Kyle, dislike Kim so much and I'm a little unsure of Brandi still!

Cassie said...

That sounds super painful! Ouch! Also, had no idea that you could clean with baby oil! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

Ashley said...

completely OBSESSED with Real Housewives....all of them except Atlanta....ironic huh?

i love your and johns little love nest entryway....its perfect!

and baby oil on chrome?!? totally trying this. i happen to have a bottle...you know...to give my shins that "natural" shiny tan look ;)

Kerr said...

Um I did not know about baby oil and I am so excited use that tip! Hope your moms recovery continues to go smoothly.

ashley said...

Just found your blog :) spent far too much time perusing! :)

Hope your mom's recovery is going okay. Problems with eyes are the worse and never good (I had welders burn, ouch)- so great of you guys to hang out with her and help her recover!

totally going to use the baby oil idea. if you find anything for keeping white porcelain sinks (why they'd install that, I have no clue)--well white, let me know! ;)

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