mas vino

hoorayy for friday!  along with this being the last day of the work week, it's also the last day of the cali recap. bittersweet, i know.
sunday we headed out to a private tasting at an absolutely beauuuutiful winery where sean and brianna are actually members!

LEDSON.  the members at their home away from home.

this winery started out as a normal house but it was so huge and caught everyone's eyes that people would drive down the driveway assuming it was a winery and make themselves comfortable for a tasting.  it got to the point where the owner (steven ledson, i think?) finally gave in and made it into the whole tasting room and winery. 

someday, john and i will live in a home like this...

just check that out. it was perfect.

absolutely perfect. 

i secretly felt like lisa vanderpump because it was just screaming dolla dolla bills y'all and she's loaded so i felt like her. 

just so there are no questions of just how awesome my friends and i are, i'd like to point out our private tasting was even personalized with our names and foot massages and gold coins.  (only 1 of the last 3 things i said are true.)

the crew sitting on the upstairs porch during our wine tasting and overlooking the rose bushes and vineyards with a plateful of chocolates, cheeses, crackers, meats, and diamond studded air. 

that was our view. 

grapes. wine.

next we ventured out to imagery winery where we sat outside on the back porch, enjoyed a few glasses of wine and the cloudless sky and rested our little selves.

then we finished our wine (bottoms up!) and decided to go to sonoma square and treat ourselves to some delicious foods from the girl and the fig. 

clearly i got the grilled cheese.  yumm.

if you were following us that day, you'd next go to hawkes, another winery where sean and brianna are members of and you would drink plenty of vino there and enjoy the company and admire the house that is for sale right next to it for a lot of moolah.  

we ended the vacay at westwood winery for a tasting there.

we threw our feet up on the table, relaxed, took our time, and held on to every last second we had out in paradise before we had to come back to our real lives. 

which is your favorite from this day?! what's your favorite type of wine??



amy anne said...

Wow! That is so gorgeous! New to your blog and this post swept me away.

Kerr said...

I am so jealous of this trip it looks amazing!! And I would like to live in that house, gorgeous.

Ashley said...

when you and john live in a house like that - will you adopt me? (dash is acting fishy)....and then we can drink wine all day and john can support us. sounds great right?

oh and how did that interview go???? i want to knoooowwwww!

Jessica Wray said...

how beautiful. I've never been to wine country but it looks amazing :)

Nuha said...

oh my god..what a gorgeous place!!

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