so much wine, so little time.

disclaimer: this post has a lot of pictures so please, kick off your shoes, turn on some music, and relax a little with your favorite glass of vino.

saturday, we got a driver named dan and took it upon ourselves to make the day just a sunny as the sky.  not a cloud in the sky, it was absolutely perfect.
taylor, jessie, sean, brianna, jayme, john.

we rode in this...

dan & the van.

to this...

and it was beautiful! 

we drank the wine in this library where they keep it at 59degrees.  the buttery breadsticks and wine were simply amazing.  behind the table is a ginormous barrel with the silver oaks logo which used to be a real barrel, can you believe how big they used to be?!

someday, i'll have something like this inside my personal wine cellar at my house.

photography at its finest.

between the color of the place, the color of the trim, the line of limos out front, the tasty wine, the exquisite landscaping and extremely nice tour guide, silver oak definitely won me over.

kim and shannon (the two lovebirds on the far left) live in san fran and came to hang with us for the day!  it was great to see them... kim and jessie and alyson have been besties since they were in high school.

next up, we went to ferrari carano which are the owners of our hotel!

the views were deece. nottttt, they were outstanding!!!


sean & bri.

john & jayme.

that's my hunk.a.hunk.a.burnin.love.

ow! ow!  kentuckyblonde photo shoooot!

4 leaf clover in california?! i'm a lucky gal!

so did you know corks come from trees? well, i didn't. but i saw this cork oak tree and when you feel it, its so squishy and feels exactly like a cork!  wiiiiild

after a lovely tasting at ferrari, we went to bella vineyards & wine caves

they had awesome live music, kadrillions miles of open fields and views like no other.  on top of all that, they have wine CAVES!!!   it was pretty cool to see the inside of the cave on the mountainside with barrels upon barrels on wine.


bella.  it reminded me of honey bee tees.  anyone else?

next up!!! and YES!  these were all in one day!  we went to a family owned winery called talty vineyards & winery.

that's jessie and michael.  michael makes all the wine there!  this other dude was pouring our wine during the tasting and michael walked in and the other dude said, "michael, hey buddy. you wanna pour the wine since you made it?"  it was pretty sweet to have the guy that made it pour it!  only at a small, family owned winery can ya get that service!


then it was time to push the grapes so michael put us to work!  each of us girls got a chance to do his heavy work and push the grapes. there's jessie.

and alyson with her huge biceps.  :)  we did great.  i think we all got the job offers.

the crew before we had to leave and head to dinner.  i guess some food after an entire day of drinking isn't a bad idea!  

we went to willi's wine bar for dinner and enjoyed millions of tapas. it was a great and pretty local joint which i say you should frequent if you're nearby! john and the rest of the boys are still talkin about the filet sliders.

are you ready for day three?!  comin right up!! 

which of the vineyards of the day is your favorite??



Ashley said...

All of the pictures are great, it looks like it was a fun trip. I love the outfit you had on when you were sitting on the ledge...could you share where the pieces came from? :)

Lindsay said...

This looks like so much fun! I wanna go now :)

Natasha said...

we went to silver oak, too!! what a gorgeous winery...loved the atmophere and they were super friendly

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