that time i played tourist

i ventured to chicago for the weekend for some quality time with one of my besties, jenny, who moved there in july.  i was so happy to play tourist for the weekend and constantly wear my canon around my neck and marvel at each and every tall building and flag down cabs like a pro.  

the last time i was in chicago was like 10 years ago when my sister sam and i got front row tickets to the shania twain concert there.  yup, i'm glad to say the drummers drum stick is still in my night stand table and gives me lovely dreams each night.
saturday was the awesome kentucky/lsu game.  i say awesome in the most sarcastic way you could ever imagine.  so we were decked out in our blue and white to cheer on our cats that lost an incredibly embarrassing loss.  

oh, right, this guy!  welcome to le blog de kentucky blonde!
this is ryan!  he is wonderful and super fun and a co-tour guide with jenny for my trip.  someday he'll learn about this here blog and be so happy to be a part of it.  ;)

after going to the pony bar to watch the game, we went to the top of the hancock building (floor 96 whoop whoop) and saw incredible views of the city.

i don't know where you live, but lemme say... kentucky views of rolling fields and horses is a littttttle bit different from this awesome world of high population!

oprah then invited us to her pent house but we kindly declined because we...well, because we. ok, fine, i didn't see any famous people and i didn't get that invite.  but i can promise you i looked up and down and everywhere for bill rancic!  i know they sold their chicago home but he loves chicago so i thought he'd be there.  since i'm obsessed with his wife, i thought he would be the next best thing...

what's the go to thing to do when you're at the top of the hancock building with martini's and a canon rebel?  clearly you must place them in amazing ways and take millions of pictures and not allow any of the rest of your party to drink they're drink until you've landed the *perfect shot. nailed ittt.

we went to jake melnick's to eat their amazing wings... firecracker.  if you live in chicago and you're reading this, i demand you to turn off the computer and run, don't walk, run to there and get them.  oh my delish!  

and then take a picture like this and send it to me!

sunday, we hit up navy pier, which is another tourist haven. canon around my neck, map of chicago, fanny pack and all, i loved it.  (secretly, i didn't have the map or the fanny pack but every tourist should.)

yes please!

and it was octoberfest so this apron was a must have photo op!  

the cutest little band and suspenders and stuff you've ever seen!  

apparently this is a tourist must have photo op too because we had to wait for people to take their pictures until we had the chance.  

the chicago flag.  which i secretly didn't know that's what it was...

The Tourist Shot.

what a beautiful city!  

to my hosts... thanks so much for the lovely weekend!  i can't wait to visit again and hopefully next time, i won't come home with so many bruises!

now it's show & tell time... have you been to chicago? what's your favorite spot that i have to go to next time?!  


Turtles and Pearls said...

It looks like you had such an amazing weekend!! My little is from Chicago, and I can't wait to go visit her there. The loss was a littleeee embarrassing..although not as embarrassing as the fact that we're now ranked about 118/120. Oh well..guess we just have to hold out until basketball season.

Lindsay said...

I was in Kentucky this past weekend! I ALMOST called you :)

Lauren said...

I'm from Chicago. Shopping in the city is great. Probably some of the best in the world!!

Ashley said...

im so jealous! I love chicago!! such a beautiful city! and you make a beutiful tourist! but really, next time i'm going to need to don a fanny-pack and camera strap!

Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun! My husband keeps talking about how he wants to go to Chicago!

Kerr said...

I love Chicago! So jealous of your fun trip.

Chelsea Coleen said...

what the hell.

give me your life.

Jenny B said...

DEAR LORD that's a hideous photo of me!!! COME BACK SOON!!!!!!

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