you take a napa*

hi. i'm jayme, the kentucky blonde, and i am in love with my life.  wanna know why? well, one of the 238974 reasons is because i spent last weekend in the wine country of california.  it was to celebrate my sister (which she's another reason why i love my life) 30th birthday and celebrate we did!

we arrived friday morning and went straight to sonoma cutrer for a private tour and tasting.  it was absolutely gorgeous and there were sooo many pictures to take and only so many i could possibly share!  
i'm not going to lie, before this trip, it was rare for me to drink any red wines as i was a self-diagnosed white wine avid lover. but i'm happy to say i am now in love with reds just as i am whites!  it was a big step for this girl!

i promise i won't show you barrels from each and every.single.vineyard we went to but its a must to include some of them!

we sat on this awfully manicured and so yucky porch...

and bottoms up it was!  we went with three other couples who i will introduce momentarily but this is sean.

and you know this guy, right? he's my brother in law, taylor and he's a beast when it comes to drinkin vino.

my love and myself.

after the tastings on the porch, we walked to the vineyards and saw those amazing views you only dream of when you see pictures and never imagine they are really that great in real life.  well, they are.

the only thing better than wine country at 11am is being there with the ones you love.

the crew.
teddy, alyson, brianna, sean, jessie, taylor, moi, john.

next, we ventured to harvest moon winery.  in true kentuckyblonde fashion, i have to admit, this was my favorite.  we went to approximately 239857 vineyards and i loved each and every one.  however, this one was so relaxed and personal and wonderful that it will forever hold a special spot in my heart. plus, the wine was **real nice**... (said in your best uncle eddy accent)

jessie and i are true notetakers.  we were very serious with our crayons and tasting menus.  if you'll notice, we wrote "killer" on one since that's why randy described it.  "this wine is killer" ...yes please!  then there was another "bday in my mouth" which was the one and only jessie quote.  well done my friend.

clearly they had a magnificent pool house that i could make my own ever so quickly.

they had to drag me out by my ankles as i was acting like a 4 year old leaving fao schwartz.  they had dogs roaming around, awesome staff, great wine, fantastic views, and the company wasn't too shabby.  one of the best quotes was from "anna" who worked there who was describing potential dinner places for us and ran away right after she said, "please excuse me, my brain is in fart mode."

before i head out and get ready to go to the second day, i'll leave you with pictures of our room. we stayed at the vintners inn in santa rosa and i would highly recommend this place.  it was beautiful, very accommodating, had a wonderful restaurant attached where we ate dinner that night, and left hot and fresh cookies each night on our pillows.   

for some reason, i forgot to take a picture of the FIREPLACE we had IN OUR ROOM and they left new logs in EVERY NIGHT which was a DREAM COME TRUE but as you can call, i LOVED it.  i rarely use caps when i type (because i'm usually too lazy/busy for punctuation) but in this case, i'm extra excited about the fireplace so i had to.

but this balcony was quite amazeballs if i say so myself!  

so my friends, buckle up because we have a few more posts comin!  have you been to cali's wine country?  what are your thoughts?


*can you name who said the title to this post?!  


Chelsea Coleen said...

you TAKE a napa, you dont MOVE to napa!!!! Carrie Bradshaw. pulllllllease. i said it to myself as soon as i read your post title.

oh and i want your life.


Natasha said...

well of course...none other than SJP to big when he moves there!!

jeff took me to napa a few years ago and we loved it!! so romantic and such a fun couples trip--the wineries were spectacular, and we also treated ourselves to some incredible restaurants...ahhh!!

abby said...

gorge!!! cant wait to see day 2!

Lindsay said...

This looks like the best time. I live in CA and have never been! Are you coming BACK to CA anytime soon? Two times in the matter of months? I LIKE IT! :)

I'maNolaGirl said...

I am sitting here at 35 weeks pregnant and am so jealous of your fabulous trip!!! It has inspired me to start planning a post-Baby adventure out west!

Lindsay said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love LOVE Napa. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon in April. I think I could live there forever!

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