she's craftyyy & a little surprise

before i show you what i created, i have to show you this...
i was in carmel, indiana a few weeks ago and saw this and had to take a picture to share with y'all.

right in front of this church, it says "heaven" with an arrow pointing to the church and then "townhomes $160's - $240's" which i chearly thought was pretty funny.

and now, i present to you kentuckyblonde in artsy fartsy form. 

i used these colors and went crazy on a plain canvas to create this...

which i then added a variety of scrapbook letters to create a pretty neat next step.

i painted on top of the stickers with a white color

and let it dry.

but when i took some of the letters off, i realized i hated the white.

enter: black spray paint on top of the stickers and white paint. 

slowly but surely, i removed the stickers.

my handsome model posed with the new canvas of things to "be" and things to "have" which i think i ended up liking this.

and the final piece.

the catch?

a giveaway!!!!  i made this lovely masterpiece just for one of you darlings for the holiday season.  

1 entry - follow this blog, which is mandatory :)
+1 entry - tweeeeet @jehosch28
+1 entry - tell me your favorite quote to possibly make another one
+1 entry - blog about this giveaway.



back to life. back to reality.

what a weekend it has been!  
it all began last tuesday with a birthday dinner for my grandpa. 
then wednesday we had our first thanksgiving dinner with my stepmoms side of the family.
thursday morning began with a turkey trot and then a huge breakfast at cat's parents house with a ton of other families.
thursday early afternoon, john and i hopped in the car and ventured to lexington to have our third thanksgiving meal with his grandparents.
thursday late(r) afternoon, john and i hopped back in the car to drive back to louisville to have our fourth meal at my mothers house.

but saturday was one of the better days of my life. we brought this keg-o-que (a bar-b-que in the shape of a keg) to lexington to go to the kentucky v tennessee game. in case you didn't know, kentucky hasn't beat tennessee in 26 years.

curt and cat were the chefs on the keg-o-que with the bacon, sausage, and eggs.

the wind was a little stellar so our best option was to put it between the cars.  yup, we felt ghetto and we loved it.

jeff is a huge loser because he's a vols fan.  ;) just kidding, of course, we love mr. jeff! and his lovely fiance lauren as well.

hi pat!  t minus 20ish days before he's a married man!

the eggs on the iron cast skillet. have you ever seen anything with such perfection??

ghetto, happy, successful, and full.

kentucky on the left. tennessee on the right.  our first and second string quarterbacks were out so they put Roarke, our wide receiver as quarterback and well...
kentucky beat tennessee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  go cats!!!!!!!

we drove with the pedal to the metal to make it to churchill downs to watch #4, Gold Rush Girl, race.  this beautiful horse just happens to be owned by john's father and we were so happy to make it to the track with 11 minutes to spare.

we made a couple last minute bets and then...


and we wooooonnnn!  what a wonderful day!  kentucky won, girl rush girl came in second, and we spent the couple hours after that enjoying dinner with four of my sisters at my dad's house.  

johns dad, john, johns brother peter, johns brother brian. studs, eh?

sunday, we went back to the track all day and then went to see a christmas story play at actors theatre and it was absolutely hilarious. gahh i love that movie!

so today is officially cyber monday... are there any must have deals for me to view?  send em this way!



this thing called life

one of the most exciting parts of my life at this time includes this girl right here...
her name is kelly and she's one of my bestest friends in the world.

kelly has this absolutely wonderful and adorable boyfriend who is now so appropriately called her fiance!!  adam is great and i couldn't be happier for the two of them to tie the knot next year!

except i am even happier because this girl (me!) is one of her bridesmaids in the wedding.  i feel so lucky to be a part of their big day and can't wait to start planning showers, b a c h e l o r e t t e p a r t y !!, and everything else my duties allow me to do!  

kelly and adam, yayyy!  i love you two!

the second current most important part of my life includes... 
these shoes!  since ballin on a budget is teaching me new ways of livin life, i was shoppin the sale rack at macy's and found these beauties!  they are bcbgeneration and originally priced at $160ish, it was a steal for $70!!  i attended a wedding shower on saturday night and was determined to pair them with the perfect fit which required some internet surfing... well, i was quite proud of myself when i didn't see them priced at 70buckaroos anywhere on the web!  go me!

 apparently i've lost all most of my sense of reality because it is november 22nd and i am basically completely finished with ALL my christmas shoppin!  i have been crafting my little kentuckyblonde off, even with homemade gift tags and all i have left for the christmas holiday is my little love nugget.  

i've been doing a million crafts lately and cannot wait for the paint to dry to show you the finished product!  i hope they turn out well...

in other news:

the basement needs carpet and trim and then a HUGE blog debut of our hard, hard work. i'm really excited to show y'all.

second, john has had jury duty and luckily he's been sent home fairly early each day so this extra time we get to spend together has been so wonderful.  i'm a lucky gal.

well friends, with john and i having HUGE families and lots of steps and grandparents and extended families, we are going to kick off the thanksgiving holiday with the first of five thanksgiving dinners tonight!  

have a wonderful holiday, overindulge, and take frequent naps!  this is the time to spoil yourself and your taste buds.

xo loves


the ultimate business woman

as you may or may not know, i am less than one month away from graduating with my masters.  masters of business administration, mba, to be exact.  it's been a wonderful 2.5 years including learning and understanding the business world, working excel shortcuts, writing papers, getting hives in my first presentation, and making amazing friendships.  as you know, i love team dandy.

so the point of this post is.... clearly i'll be expecting graduation gifts! :)

because the kentucky winter isn't friendly (even though its been about 70 degrees the last couple days) and this could make my mornings very happy.

this bracelet is by the ever so talented catherine nicole and just one of the many, many pieces from her collection i woiuld love to call my own.  check her out, she's amaze. and no, sadly, i'm not getting any type of compensation for these plugs. ;)

my ever-so-arty-fartsy friend cat has three of these and i sometimes catch myself staring for way too long.  annette mangseth is an artist from norway and paints these lovely, delicate pictures on pages from notebooks.  
i figure since i won't be reading school books anymore, i might as well paint on them...right?

also, since i'll have more spare time, i hope you can help me out and recommend a new TV series.  any seasons i simply can't live without?  

ok, here are a few last minute pictures and then i'm on to write some school papers. this kentucky blonde is gettin her schoolin' on...

{babysitting baby colton with my mama and the doggies. typical day.}

{he sucks those two fingers and its the cutest thing i've ever seen}

what's on your wish list? tv series? talk to me.



happy birthday to my love

today is john's 26th birthday and i am so so happy to celebrate that glorious day he was brought into this world.  :)

john - you are absolutely wonderful and i am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life.
i love you so much

and i've never laughed so hard every single day.
you are so much fun

and extra cute too!

we've created a home that i adore...

and you are truly my very best friend.
from the beginning,

i knew you were somethin special.
and celebrating your birthday means so much.

i hope every dream comes true for you,

because you've made mine come true. 

happy birthday!

i love you!



sugar high

this little puppy, aka my nephew colton, was the perfect model to display the 580 pieces of candy we bought for the intense trick or treating in our part of town.
is it bad he ate it allll?

he sure is a happy baby though when he's surrounded with candy and cameras.

i just want to eat those little hands right off him.  is there a way i could love my own children some day as much as this kiddo??

the happy family.

and us.  :)  

john and i were standing here handing out candy when this precious little princess started telling her dad, "daddy! daddy!! i gotta go potty nowwww!!"... john and i didn't even have a chance to offer our "potty" before she started crying and a HUGE puddle began to gather under her pretty little princess gown.  she was absolutely terrified and ran off without even getting her portion of snickers or milky ways.  it was so hilarious but i felt so bad for the little 3 year old girl!

any halloween stories for you?
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