back to life. back to reality.

what a weekend it has been!  
it all began last tuesday with a birthday dinner for my grandpa. 
then wednesday we had our first thanksgiving dinner with my stepmoms side of the family.
thursday morning began with a turkey trot and then a huge breakfast at cat's parents house with a ton of other families.
thursday early afternoon, john and i hopped in the car and ventured to lexington to have our third thanksgiving meal with his grandparents.
thursday late(r) afternoon, john and i hopped back in the car to drive back to louisville to have our fourth meal at my mothers house.

but saturday was one of the better days of my life. we brought this keg-o-que (a bar-b-que in the shape of a keg) to lexington to go to the kentucky v tennessee game. in case you didn't know, kentucky hasn't beat tennessee in 26 years.

curt and cat were the chefs on the keg-o-que with the bacon, sausage, and eggs.

the wind was a little stellar so our best option was to put it between the cars.  yup, we felt ghetto and we loved it.

jeff is a huge loser because he's a vols fan.  ;) just kidding, of course, we love mr. jeff! and his lovely fiance lauren as well.

hi pat!  t minus 20ish days before he's a married man!

the eggs on the iron cast skillet. have you ever seen anything with such perfection??

ghetto, happy, successful, and full.

kentucky on the left. tennessee on the right.  our first and second string quarterbacks were out so they put Roarke, our wide receiver as quarterback and well...
kentucky beat tennessee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  go cats!!!!!!!

we drove with the pedal to the metal to make it to churchill downs to watch #4, Gold Rush Girl, race.  this beautiful horse just happens to be owned by john's father and we were so happy to make it to the track with 11 minutes to spare.

we made a couple last minute bets and then...


and we wooooonnnn!  what a wonderful day!  kentucky won, girl rush girl came in second, and we spent the couple hours after that enjoying dinner with four of my sisters at my dad's house.  

johns dad, john, johns brother peter, johns brother brian. studs, eh?

sunday, we went back to the track all day and then went to see a christmas story play at actors theatre and it was absolutely hilarious. gahh i love that movie!

so today is officially cyber monday... are there any must have deals for me to view?  send em this way!



Natasha said...

let's just not even discuss the outcome of that football game ;)

glad winnings were going well at the races though!

Celeste said...

Wow congrats on winning! I've never met anyone that's actually won at the races!!

Cassie said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Churchill downs. When I was in Louisville for work, they weren't running :( Our little Oaklawn here in Arkansas just doesn't compare to Churchill Downs!

Lindsay said...

Your always having so much fun! LOVE that state of KY!

♥Aubrey said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!! And you WON @ the track. :) Oh my...4 turkey dinners! Thank goodness for cyber Monday.

Kerr said...

Wow you had quite an eventful long weekend! Go cats!!!

Ashley said...

i just watched secretariat (which was the BOMB) and after seeing this it makes me just want to find a big 'ol hat and go see some hourse racing!

and that bagel-sausage-skillet-egg-goodness looks so yummy! my plain bagel this morning definitely could have used some sausage..... as could I ;) haha ewwwwww. ok bye!

Barb said...

Thinking about those fun filled days make me exhausted!!! Xxoo donk

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