happy birthday to my love

today is john's 26th birthday and i am so so happy to celebrate that glorious day he was brought into this world.  :)

john - you are absolutely wonderful and i am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life.
i love you so much

and i've never laughed so hard every single day.
you are so much fun

and extra cute too!

we've created a home that i adore...

and you are truly my very best friend.
from the beginning,

i knew you were somethin special.
and celebrating your birthday means so much.

i hope every dream comes true for you,

because you've made mine come true. 

happy birthday!

i love you!



Rebecca said...

THIS WAS SO SWEET! love it <3

Chelsea Coleen said...

yall make me happy! and i LOVE the picture of you two on the beach :)

happy happy birthday johnny boy!!!

Taryn said...

This was very sweet! You guys are an adorable couple. Happy birthday to your John...I hope it's a great one!


Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to your love!

Just the Two of US said...

You all look sooo cute together! Is there a wedding in the future!
Happy bday to your other half! Have a great weekend!

AJ Deal said...

That was real sweet!!

Jenny B said...

Love you and think about you all the time!!! Oh, and you too Jayme. Kidding, kidding....love you both!

Ashley said...

happy birthday bedroom eyes!!

i think this calls for one of your favorite things ever....PARTY TIMEE!!

have a great time with your lover-man!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ya'll are gorgeous together!

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