she's craftyyy & a little surprise

before i show you what i created, i have to show you this...
i was in carmel, indiana a few weeks ago and saw this and had to take a picture to share with y'all.

right in front of this church, it says "heaven" with an arrow pointing to the church and then "townhomes $160's - $240's" which i chearly thought was pretty funny.

and now, i present to you kentuckyblonde in artsy fartsy form. 

i used these colors and went crazy on a plain canvas to create this...

which i then added a variety of scrapbook letters to create a pretty neat next step.

i painted on top of the stickers with a white color

and let it dry.

but when i took some of the letters off, i realized i hated the white.

enter: black spray paint on top of the stickers and white paint. 

slowly but surely, i removed the stickers.

my handsome model posed with the new canvas of things to "be" and things to "have" which i think i ended up liking this.

and the final piece.

the catch?

a giveaway!!!!  i made this lovely masterpiece just for one of you darlings for the holiday season.  

1 entry - follow this blog, which is mandatory :)
+1 entry - tweeeeet @jehosch28
+1 entry - tell me your favorite quote to possibly make another one
+1 entry - blog about this giveaway.



Ashley said...

ok seriously.....i think when God was making me he shipped me right past the DIY and crafty gene department. no fair!!

good news is we both got the freaking cool gene ;)

these are amazing!!

um and heaven right in front of the church...hilarious!

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

That is adorable! and I'm a follower.

Ashley said...

So i already commented once which can count as my "duh i follow you comment" BUT I also just tweeted because you are fabulous and crafty. yeah guuuuuurrrrllll!


Sarah Ann said...

Followed! I'm excited!!
I'm also doing a giveaway on my blog!! Check it out!

Leslie said...

that is adorable!!! I love it! I'm a follower :)

Kerr said...

I am very impressed with your crafting! I can barely manage to drag myself to michaels to buy a frame....

Katelyn said...

Just added a new link up. :) Check it out!


Samantha said...

This is awesome! I'm your newest follower!! :)


Elle Sees said...

This is just adorable. Of course I follow! And I have a giveaway too: Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I'm a follower! This is so cute.

Evett said...

Im a new follower and this is really neat and will look really "KEWEL" in my new home office over my computer *wink wink :o)

Blogger said...

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