sugar high

this little puppy, aka my nephew colton, was the perfect model to display the 580 pieces of candy we bought for the intense trick or treating in our part of town.
is it bad he ate it allll?

he sure is a happy baby though when he's surrounded with candy and cameras.

i just want to eat those little hands right off him.  is there a way i could love my own children some day as much as this kiddo??

the happy family.

and us.  :)  

john and i were standing here handing out candy when this precious little princess started telling her dad, "daddy! daddy!! i gotta go potty nowwww!!"... john and i didn't even have a chance to offer our "potty" before she started crying and a HUGE puddle began to gather under her pretty little princess gown.  she was absolutely terrified and ran off without even getting her portion of snickers or milky ways.  it was so hilarious but i felt so bad for the little 3 year old girl!

any halloween stories for you?


Elizabeth said...

Your nephew is adorable! The story about the little girl made me laugh! Haha! I guess when she said "nowww" she really meant it! Poor little thing.

Annie said...

cutest puppy i've seen!!! he is SOOOO adorable!! :) love the pics!! and that poor little princess, great story for her parents to tell her future boyfriends ;)

The Presutti's said...

That story is so funny! My friend's little girl did the same thing, but she went off in the yard.

Kerr said...

Ah! I can't believe the little girl peed on your porch! I was in a wedding rehearsal once and the flower girl peed right next to the preacher! Good thing we were outside...

Ashley said...

What a precious little boy!! The story about the little girl is hilarious- poor thing! ha

Ashley said...

so much fun!! i bought two bags of candy, had 0 trick or treaters and ate about 50% of it by myself before I remembered to take it to work and donate it to the office "make my thighs huge community candy bowl."

Danielle and Trev said...

That BABY!!! SO cute!! Following now!! You are gorgeous!

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