this thing called life

one of the most exciting parts of my life at this time includes this girl right here...
her name is kelly and she's one of my bestest friends in the world.

kelly has this absolutely wonderful and adorable boyfriend who is now so appropriately called her fiance!!  adam is great and i couldn't be happier for the two of them to tie the knot next year!

except i am even happier because this girl (me!) is one of her bridesmaids in the wedding.  i feel so lucky to be a part of their big day and can't wait to start planning showers, b a c h e l o r e t t e p a r t y !!, and everything else my duties allow me to do!  

kelly and adam, yayyy!  i love you two!

the second current most important part of my life includes... 
these shoes!  since ballin on a budget is teaching me new ways of livin life, i was shoppin the sale rack at macy's and found these beauties!  they are bcbgeneration and originally priced at $160ish, it was a steal for $70!!  i attended a wedding shower on saturday night and was determined to pair them with the perfect fit which required some internet surfing... well, i was quite proud of myself when i didn't see them priced at 70buckaroos anywhere on the web!  go me!

 apparently i've lost all most of my sense of reality because it is november 22nd and i am basically completely finished with ALL my christmas shoppin!  i have been crafting my little kentuckyblonde off, even with homemade gift tags and all i have left for the christmas holiday is my little love nugget.  

i've been doing a million crafts lately and cannot wait for the paint to dry to show you the finished product!  i hope they turn out well...

in other news:

the basement needs carpet and trim and then a HUGE blog debut of our hard, hard work. i'm really excited to show y'all.

second, john has had jury duty and luckily he's been sent home fairly early each day so this extra time we get to spend together has been so wonderful.  i'm a lucky gal.

well friends, with john and i having HUGE families and lots of steps and grandparents and extended families, we are going to kick off the thanksgiving holiday with the first of five thanksgiving dinners tonight!  

have a wonderful holiday, overindulge, and take frequent naps!  this is the time to spoil yourself and your taste buds.

xo loves


Ashley said...

I'm jealous of those cute handmade tags! I always want to do those, but never get around to it.

Just the Two of US said...

gotta love kelly's !!!! I love the tags! too cute! have a great holiday!

Lindsay said...

So cute! Can we meet in real life next time I come to KY??

Rebecca said...

haha love all the jim bean!

Barb said...

You are the highlight of my day!!!

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