the ultimate business woman

as you may or may not know, i am less than one month away from graduating with my masters.  masters of business administration, mba, to be exact.  it's been a wonderful 2.5 years including learning and understanding the business world, working excel shortcuts, writing papers, getting hives in my first presentation, and making amazing friendships.  as you know, i love team dandy.

so the point of this post is.... clearly i'll be expecting graduation gifts! :)

because the kentucky winter isn't friendly (even though its been about 70 degrees the last couple days) and this could make my mornings very happy.

this bracelet is by the ever so talented catherine nicole and just one of the many, many pieces from her collection i woiuld love to call my own.  check her out, she's amaze. and no, sadly, i'm not getting any type of compensation for these plugs. ;)

my ever-so-arty-fartsy friend cat has three of these and i sometimes catch myself staring for way too long.  annette mangseth is an artist from norway and paints these lovely, delicate pictures on pages from notebooks.  
i figure since i won't be reading school books anymore, i might as well paint on them...right?

also, since i'll have more spare time, i hope you can help me out and recommend a new TV series.  any seasons i simply can't live without?  

ok, here are a few last minute pictures and then i'm on to write some school papers. this kentucky blonde is gettin her schoolin' on...

{babysitting baby colton with my mama and the doggies. typical day.}

{he sucks those two fingers and its the cutest thing i've ever seen}

what's on your wish list? tv series? talk to me.



Chelsea Coleen said...

OMG TWINS! me and baby colton! i used to suck my same two fingers! but at the same time play with my bellybutton. super classy, i know.

YAY about graduation and i WANT those mug warmers! hahaha so cute. or well i want to learn to knit now too. !

cat said...

I'm honored to be considered artsy fartsy, seriously a huge compliment! Can I call dibs on the graduation gift from Annette since we're beauties and all? I love you, love your blog, love air mattress days with you and John!!!

cat said...

I meant besties not beauties, darn autocorrect text!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Congrats on graduating! Yay!! I have a coffee koozie and I am obsessedd and may or may not get Starbucks more often just to use it...

Rebecca said...

I want a coffee koozie too! theyre o so cute =]

Lindsay said...

SO proud of you! This is awesome!

abby said...

revenge!! it's so good. on ABC. and it's only been on for a bit... so you can totally catch up! congrats on graduating!

Whitney said...

Congrats, girl! Enjoying reading your blog and looking forward to hearing whats next for you and your MBA! Exciting. :)


a toast

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

love those little coffee mug sweaters :) so cute. i kind of want to try to make one!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Home stretch gal -- then you are DONE!!! I bet you are so ready :)

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