the best day ever

the question: what is the ideal place to spend the day after you celebrated the marriage between two friends?
the answer: go to moms house, get out the air mattresses, watch football, lounge all day, and of course eat every 20 minutes.

this is how we all felt... pure relaxation and happiness. lazy? yes. unproductive? absolutely. just what the doctor ordered? you betcha!

eye spy the perfect picture:
sam (my little sis) is home from college for the break, a christmas tree, my puppy reggie, a kentucky blanket, air mattresses, more blankets than a person could count, and a cold day outside which made the fireplace even more perfect. 

just when my reached what i thought was my highest point of happiness, this little guy came over to share the joy of air mattress day!!  watching the new little crawler attempt to cross over the air mattress was hilarious, precious, and a little bit sad because he just didn't understand why it was more difficult than hardwood.

his aunt (yup, me) decided there's nothin better than a naked baby so i let the munchkin spend some time in his birthday suit and as you can tell, i think its his new favorite outfit.  also, check out that death grip he has on my stepdads face.

no words for this.

between the lazy day on the air mattresses and peeling ourselves out of the blankets to eat some chili, we threw on our greatest mink coats and went outside to shoot our christmas picture. 
peta: please, no emails. :)

after all the excitement, we were all feelin just like colton... all tuckered out!  

what is your ideal perfect sunday??


Mrs. Monologues said...

Looks like the perfect day. Also the pup pictures are to die for. He is in pure snuggle pup heaven.

Mrs. Lovely said...

Finally, someone else on here that wears real fur! Beautiful picture (and coats!).

Summer-Raye said...

Jayme! Yes girl I look for any reason to throw my mink on. Doesn't come around often though, its still 70 degrees....

Lindsay said...

Such a great group shot! Hope you have a happy holidays!

Legally Lovely said...

Looks like a great day! There is nothing better than a day filled with relaxation and family!

Hollie Ann said...

bahaha the peta comment was hilarious. you all are so pretty! and yes, eating every 20 minutes is a must!

Kerr said...

Dream day!!! And I love the family pic!

Ashley said...

how amazing are you that your family picture was taken in mink coats? omg i am dying....seriously, the kardashians 3D christmas card has NOTHING on you guys!

and seriously, next time it's matress-eat-every-20-minutes-day....give a sister a call! i wanna come tooo!

bananas. said...

oh my gosh...your family is so posh with your mink coats!

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