the day before the big day

over the weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating the nuptials between two of our very good friends, kaitlin and patrick.
john and pat have been friends forever, allowing john to have the pleasure of being one of groomsmen.  
that's pat, on the right. that lucky guy to snag such a great gal!

the rehearsal was held at the pendennis club, a prestigious social club in downtown louisville.  it was beautiful with the open bars, the hilarious and heartfelt toasts, fantastic dinner, and excitement for what was going to happen the next day!
that's john, travis, and charlie. charlie was the best man and gave an amazing toast. 

cat and i held down the table with the six men in the two pictures above. it was a tough job, but being the groomsmen groupies we are, we knew we could handle it.
drew and james were groomsmen and curt read the irish blessing in the wedding, and did a wonderful job at that!

to no surprise, the four of us enjoyed the evening together. 
curt, cat, moi, john.

my johnny and myself.

we had so much fun and even met some new friends!

but by the end of the night, when we all started looking like this, we knew it was time to rest up for the big day!  

i am so sad i didn't get a picture of kaitlin because she looked so stunning in her perfectly white rehearsal dress and was beaming!  

but gear up because the wedding day is next.  


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Rebecca said...

looks like fun! your hair is gorgeous =]

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