the haps

well well well. boy, do we have a lot to discuss!  
first - thank you for entering my giveaway... you still have a few days so if you haven't already, go ahead and get 'r done here!
first, it would just be wrong if we didn't start this post off with my perfect nephew, colton.

i was trying to get a picture of this AMAZING reindeer shoes but between him trying to eat them and his precious little face, i fell captive to forgetting my goal and just eating his little face right off.

that's the closest i got.  

 it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...
i am so happy to spent our second christmas together so john and i spent the evening decorating our home, getting the tree, and rearranging everything to accommodate the many upcoming get together's we'll be hosting.
j&j stockings.

the garland.  yup, it lights up.

a must-have.

thanks to johns dad, we now have some lovely christmas pillows ;)
please just ignore my cowboy boot slippers, my vino, and my blogging station there.

our entryway. i never thought i'd be the "christmas table runner decor" type of gal, but i never cease to amaze myself.

all shook lit up!

every.single.present... ready to go!  

i've also been on a cooking kick lately. these pumpkin spice cookies are not only great during the fall, they are also the perfect compliment to snow and fireplaces!
i also made this chili recipe and OHH MYYY WOOORD!  if your man enjoys hot and spicy, make this for him and i promise you'll have him wrapped around your little finger...oops, sorry john.. ;)
it's tray's spicy texas chili found here.

my friends... the countdown has begun!  i graduate in 7 days! (imagine: monica from friends 7! 7! 7! 7!..anyone?)

these peeps above (team dandy) have been my favorite part of my grad school experience and i love em to death. i'm really going to miss seeing their dandy little faces every monday and wednesday but i'm so proud of us to have our MBA's and rule the world! D4L!

mi madre treated me to a whole new tea set the other day and i must say... i'm obsessed.

from the way the tea was presented, to the beautiful birds on the side of the cup, the perfect tea measure spoon and the can to hold the loose tea in.  ugh, be still my heart.  are you a tea-er??

one more... this is my grandmother's painting and i need y'all to help me decide where to put it!  beverly erschell, my gma, is amazing and i hope you buy her paintings... or at least her book!  

well friends, this gal but put the pedal to the metal and complete my list of 92783 things to do today!!  



Turtles and Pearls said...

Colton is so adorable! Congrats on graduation!! My boyfriend graduates in 9 days..its so hard to believe!

Rebecca said...

Love the way the house looks!
& what a cute lil boy =]

Ashley said...

hold the phone....table runners, J&J stockings, tea, chili and cookies, every christmas present bought? you need an HGTV show for real! :p <---this is me MEGA impressed!

AND 7 days til graduation. holla back!

Tiffany said...

Colton is SO precious! And your decorations look awesome!

Jenny B said...

cute cute cute cute cute!!! all of it! love and miss you guys soooo much! And ohhhhh my god could Colton be any more adorable?!?!?!BASEMENT PHOTOS PRONTO!

Amber said...

Adorable blog! I love the Monica reference - Friends is on constantly at my household! :) I'm a new follower!

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