the pay off

they say hard work pays off. want proof? here ya go...
these are the lovely ladies i've spent every monday and wednesday with for the past two and a half years.  

and here's the whole graduating cohort!  love these guys and i'll definitely miss them!

but after the ceremony, my family went to dinner at avalon on bardstown road and it was soooo incredible.
let me explain who was there from top to bottom, left to right.
my cousin riley, my grandmother and grandfather, my stepdad rick, my dad, my mom, my stepmom karen, my bro alex, my sister jessie, johns dad jody and his gf beth, ME, and my johnny!

can you even believe how incredibly blessed i am?!  

it was all fun and games... especially when i had the wonderful idea (after a martini or two) to go around the table and have everyone say one adjective that best describes me!  haaahaha, it was so much fun and i loved all the attention and compliments. i hope you found the sarcasm, but seriously.  ;)

so not only does the pay off the hard work include time spent with my amazing family, but it also includes these materialistic things too...

oh? what's that you say? what do you see??

ohhh yesssss!!!  a macbook air!!  i am over the moon excited and i'm glad to say this blog post is one of the very first things accomplished on this piece of incredible technology!

and how could i possibly go an entire post without including colton??  his precious christmas picture. :)

its official. master of business administration.

whoop whoop

thank you all for the wonderful, kind words! i am very grateful for each and every single one!



Legally Lovely said...

Congratulations; that is such a wonderful accomplishment! Have fun celebrating!

SKB said...


Kerr said...

Congrats again, my friend. Super jealous of your new computer! And your cute iPhone cover

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