the send off

i went through a million different mind-changes when it came to the send off. but ultimately, i knew i wanted sparklers. 
yes, i've heard horror stories, and even have a dear friend that was in the midst of a sparkler-send-off-gone-wrong. however, i spent many a'night praying it would be nothing short of pretty, simple, and safe. 
i spent a lot of time crafting each sparkler to make sure each guest felt special, and to thank them for staying until the end and being a part of our send off into marriage.
plus, i needed an excuse to buy matches that said "the perfect match" with a flame and our names on it. 
brian, the best man, making room of the newlyweds..
yay!!!  i looooved it!! :)

that is one of the parts of the night that i looked back and said, "wait? it's over?" i wish we had 892374 guests and the sparkler line would've been a mile long! i loved it and it was so pretty!

looking from the outside.
after john and i made our escape, we looked back and found THIS!  how awesome?!
we really didn't want to leave with all the excitement happening! haha
and then we made a "heart" or attempted to make a heart, with our sparklers. 

 this man- i simply, absolutely, genuinely adore. 


the good & the bad

while i feel a bit selfish complaining of personal issues during such a trivial time for our nation, i can't help but to share some of my personal information with you guys.
last week, i had excruciating pain in the side of back and while i've been down the ol' uti road before, i felt this was different.  i went to the hospital on friday afternoon.
5 hours later, i was discharged and diagnosed with 
multiple kidney stones in both kidneys.
they are not obstructing anything so that's why they didn't admit me to the hospital for any procedures. 
it's my first experience with them and 6 days after my initial pains, i am still in severe pain and i would not wish it upon my worst enemy.  
wish me luck  ;)
so i basically relaxed all weekend (with reggie and a fire) and downed some water like there was no tomorrow. but i loved to walk into our living room and see john and his two brothers with our christmas tree and playing video games. aren't their little heads so cute? 

also, on sunday, we went to target and loaded up on donation gifts for a local non-profit called brooklawn where they serve children from infants to 22 years old.
four carts later and $1400 worth of goodies, the journey definitely put some christmas spirit in our step and a smile on our faces.  
we went with johns dad, johns brothers, and johns dads girlfriend and her four kiddos. it was a tradition that i certainly hope we continue and i'm very blessed to have become a part of such an incredible, giving, caring, and inspirational family. 

so that's my weekend, even though its very late in the week. 
i hope to feel better soon so i can enjoy our holiday festivities.  




no words.

there are no words. there are no explanations and no way to make sense of the tragedy. 

today is the first day of funerals in newtown, connecticut. my heart is falling apart for the two 6 year olds that are being buried today. one boy, jack pinto, who will be buried in wide receiver victor cruz's jersey and noah pozner, who was said to have been a smart, lively kid.

there are a million questions to ask and a billion issues to begin discussing. topics such as why does this adam guy get any type of recognition? gun control? political decisions? what if? an elementary school, how could he?

no one can begin to comprehend the pain and angst of the people that are experiencing this first hand. but i do know, this nation is incredible. we stand as one. 

as for now, i will be spending my time praying for these families. praying for the children that must continue to grieve and go through seeing their classmates die because of a terrible, scary beast. i pray for the precious children and courageous adults that will be buried as heros today and the next upcoming weeks.  

i pray for God to show us His plan. He always has one. i pray for you and that you decide to life newtown up in prayers also. 

reception dinner is served

we are almost to the end of the wedding photos!  which tomorrow will be the final edition, and a definite favorite of mine :)
pat and kaitlin ... we had the same band at our weddings and we both love them!  
{this that and the other}
kellen and cassie. they're gettin hitched next year!
i added some extra pictures for the venue's sake.
because it's a normal dance move... right?
those two are the real deal's.  wink wink.
someone's gettin luuuucky! 
kelly, on the right, got married on september 22 but unfortunately her new husband couldn't make it to our wedding because he was in another wedding. and kelly was in our wedding!  i guess those are the troubles ya have them you're just too popular.
the soon to be mr. and mrs. fox!
we definitely made time for ourselves throughout the reception, which is something i was told a million times to make sure we do. and woof! i am SO glad we did that. those special moments are some of my favorites throughout the night. 
these two made some time for a special moment also. haha!

i love the candid photos, and our photographer, todd, is amazing!  

up next: the send off!!!  woot woot!


just danceeee

since it is friday and we all just want to party and dance, i figured this DANCE post would be ideal.  
taylor, julie, jessie.
i love this picture of lauren and jeff. throwin up the deuces and dancing with a drink in hand. priorities, my friends.
my cousin, riley, and my grandmother. sweet.
love love all these peeps! :)
have you ever seen such moves?
gettin it!
and my favorite part of the evening...
JOHN ON THE COWBELL.  absolutely HILARIOUS and so awesome. 
of course there's a virtual jumprope. duh.

from the outside lookin in.
girls girls girls!
professional singers, clearly.
i get my dance moves (and my dance face) from my dad.
the newlyweds. pure class.
we're so good.

:)  i hope you spend your weekend dancing as much as we did! 




AH! did you see my new header? it's a little revamp, but what do you think??

for this wordless wednesday, i will be wordless. but here's some photos of the bride and groom. 

my favorite!!!!

we had a trolley to bring the bridal party and their dates from the ceremony to the reception.
oops, this is supposed to be wordless, isn't it?


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