the legit photos

i could not be happier to show off these beautiful photos by the ever so talented alicia!
the banner i created! in case you missed it... go here!!!!!

here's a link to her blog honoring US!!

we had so much fun in the freezing cold and slight rain but it was so. so worth it!

we loved looking at the same blade of grass  ;)

can you believe those skies?

my SO SO handsome FIANCE  :)  i never imagined i'd be so blessed. 

so which of these photos is your favorite?? i need help choosing the save the date photo!  can you tell i'm a little excited to share these with you??



diy: banners

the majority of my most recent posts have been about crafts, or diy projects, or something about me being creative.  on the contrary, i'd never consider myself to be a master of any of those things but i will admit, i love attempting it all.

on sunday, john and i traveled to lexington to work with one of my all time favorite photographers. alicia is unbelievable and i knew i had to have her photographs sometime during my engagement.  i decided to attempt to create a save the date banner and even took photographs so all you lovelies :)
you need:
wooden numbers
paint brush
hot glue gun 
(john is shaking his head because i'm the last person on earth that really needs a hot glue gun)

i chose blue ribbon and gold paint and began painting away.

do you love the heart wrapping paper i used since i couldn't find anything else to cover the table with? ;)

after they are painted, i lined them up to display the beautiful date. and then i realized that wasn't right because the date would've been backwards!!  so make sure you put the date backwards so they read correctly from the front.

i hot glued the lace on first and then added four strands of ribbon behind the lace.  disclaimer: you'll use more hot glue than you think you would. 

TA DA!!!  our wedding date in all it's glory :)



so there ya have it my friends... stay tuned for tomorrow's preview of the engagement pictures!!  waaaahoooo!!!!!!!


the beginning & save the date

during our time spent in florida with these peeps... 
(john, sis sam, me, mama, nephew colton, sdad rick, bro alex, sis jess, bro gf kelli, and broinlaw taylor)
john and i decided to spend some time on the beach to have our first go around of an engagement session.  my sister jessie and mom came along for the fun so i figured it would be fun to share some of the pictures and announce the date!

waahooo!  OCTOBER 20, 2012!
we thought this may be used as our save the date but then one of my favorite photographers agreed to have a session in lexington when we got home, so we decided to go with one of those. (fingers crossed, the photo shoot is this weekend!) 

jessie and mom had a blast telling us to pose certain ways and dictate the forms.

it was a gorgeous afternoon so the backgrounds were basically flawless.

my handsome fiancé. and me.

i've heard shadows of holding hands were romantic...

we did some jumping shots
("we jumped on the date" idea for save the dates. haha)

then some close up-ish shots. he's a stud. did you see that dimple?

he's a keeper.

then jessie and mom got jealous and wanted a few pictures of them too.  who am i to say no to an opportunity like that?!

it looks sweet but really we were saying things like this to each other 
"ugh, i'm soo ready for another drink!" 
"are you sitting in water?" 
"i'm hungry" 
"so you're telling me we aren't even using these pictures but we're still taking them?" 

to keep ya updated, here's what i've accomplished so far:
groom? check.
engagement session photographer? check.
wedding day photographer? check.
wedding dress? check. (i can't include a link because clearly mr. kentuckyblonde occasionally reads this!)

any must have advice to give to this wedding planning bride?



present reveal: diy coasters

i really wanted to show y'all this DIY project before christmas because it makes the best/easiest/inexpensive gift ever!  i would say quick but when you're making about 100 of them, it's actually ridiculously time consuming.
things you need:
mod podge $4.99 (i used glossy, but matte i'm sure looks nice too)
clear acrylic gloss coating, make sure its water resistant  $3.99-ish
tiles $0.16 (yup, about 16 cents from home depot or lowe's or wherever you find em)
scissors $hopefully.you.already.have.these
felt  $1 for 4 pieces
pictures cut the size of the tile $0.19/copy-ish

1. secretly, if and when i do this again, i'll start with step 3, but if you don't, start here. either way, it works!
generously spread the mod podge over the ceramic tile. not that you have to do it at a record pace, but i would recommend working quickly because there's a precious window of time before the mod podge starts to really work and makes it tough to move the picture if you don't get it right on the first try. 

2. after you have put the picture on straight, generously apply mod podge on top of the picture. i know, it looks like it's ruined. it's not. promise. 

let it try for about 15 minutes and then do another coat. if you're feelin really saucy, you can even put a third coat on it too.  (i'm guilty of this.)

3. here's what i would probably start with step 1.  i realized after the first couple i made that i really wanted the back of the tile to be colored because i thought it looked better.  but you put on the picture first though, i'd recommend just using some paint and a paintbrush to paint the back of the tile.

if you start at this step, take the tiles to the unfinished part of the basement and spray away!  i cut a used paper towel cardboard part into pieces so i could paint the sides of the tiles too.

4. let it all dry. please excuse the strawberry paper. i figured i'd never use that one in a scrapbook so i used it for a drying board.

5. spray with water resistant spray. i also did this in the basement because the smell is a little yucky and lingers around for awhile.

6. i took the felt and cut out little squares. in each corner of the back of the tile, i used some super glue to keep the felt on tight. 

TA DA!  this here, is my entire dining room table with all the coasters drying out. i'd like to thank my lovely fiancĂ© for letting me use his ESPN magazine as the drying surface.  see, sports magazines are useful!  ;)
step 6 1/2. make some homemade gift tags to add to the homemade presents.

step 6 3/4. wrap each individual coaster in a tissue paper so they don't break or make noise and give away the surprise. add some ribbon, the homemade gift tag, and you're out the door!

everyone loved these presents and i love that i made a few for us too!  they were super easy, fun, and personalized!

notes: for a few, i used a piece of scrapbook paper as the background and cut the picture around the specific person so you could see the designed paper.  it looks cool but there's a better chance of it having air bubbles.  

have you made these? tell me your thoughts!


craft edition: success

it's not everyday i have a successful crafting story and this time, i believe there would be a little disagreement of the word "successful"... you see, we spent a few weeks down in florida and one of those nights happened to be new years eve. john and i were both unprepared, with no sequins clothing in anything we packed.
lucky for him, i had the great idea to head over to hobby lobby in palm beach, get some mod podge and glitter. i "borrowed" one of the ties and white tees from my stepdads closet in palm beach and created our own appropriate new years eve gear! 

thankfully johns love for me outweighs his hated for glitter, which i know is a lot because he really despises glitter.

but honestly, for a mere 8 bucks, i do have to admit, the mixture of his tie and my white tee (with the sleeves torn off with a knife bc i couldn't find scissors!) made our night much more festive... and it left my parents pad full of glitter for a long time afterwards too!

ow ow!
see! i bet they spent so much $$ on their "name brand" attire but me, some hobby lobby glue & dads old hanes works just fine.  



he asked, i said yes...

my dearest friends, first of all, i must thank you for all the comments, emails, tweets, facebook likes and comments, texts, and everything in between!  i've had a constant ear to ear smile since christmas day and so much is because of your love and support. thank you!!

 thank you so much for being patient while this thing called Life takes over and makes my days seem like they last for approximately 10 minutes!

i am honored to tell you our story of the proposal and hope you enjoy the next 10 months of chaos as this kentuckyblonde attempts to create the wedding of a lifetime.

christmas morning began as usual in our household with the glorious fire in the fireplace, candles lit, and christmas music a'blarin.  we had all the christmas lights on and presents under the tree for just the two of us.
we shared stocking stuffers and continued to open our gifts of a saw (for him), a uk sweatshirt (for her), some ray ban sunglasses (for him), pajamas (for her), and so on. 

i'm usually one of the most unobservant people in the world so it wasn't surprising that i didn't really see the hearts on the tree during the whole present unwrapping extravaganza.  he told me there are 10 hearts on the tree, all numbered, and i had to read them in order.  

for mainly my own memory, i'm going to include what they each said but i figured you may enjoy the sappiness of it all as well.  ;)  each heart had the significant date and what was special about it.

1. 3/25/2010 the date of the first time i saw you at pat's house.  i've never been so "wowed" by someone before. i had to talk to you.

2. 6/19/2010 our 1st, unofficial, date to the drive in. on the way back, i had my arm around you for the 1st time.  i had goosebumps for 2 days...

3. 11/10/2010 our 1st kiss...

4. 12/23/2010 brian and i drove around for 3 hours trying to find your camera present. i knew you were something special...

5. 1/1/2011 the 1st time i told you i loved you. i knew that i did a long time before that. *fireworks*

6. 4/9/2011 we made the big step of moving in together. one of the best decisions of my life.

7. 6/15/2011 the 1st time i went ring shopping!

(this is where i began freaking out and crying)

8.  10/13/2011 when i asked dan if i could ask you to marry me.

9.  11/22/2011  when i asked your mom if i could ask you to marry me.

10.  12/25/2011 the beginning of the rest of our lives... i love you jayme.

after the 10th heart, he said there is one last present in the tree which was a wrapped box. i was shaking so bad and my eyes weren't exactly working because i was so excited but i managed to find it.  after i unwrapped the box, john took it, got on one knee, said some of the most amazing things a girl could imagine and asked me to marry him.

right there, in the living room of our first house together, i sat on his bended knee, hugged him so tight, cried on his shoulder and said yes about one million times. an added bonus is i get to wear this absolutely beautiful tacori ring as a symbol of this everlasting love between the love of my life and myself. (sheesh, this is really cheesy)  :)

between the fact that he actually cut out little hearts, used a hole punch, and delicately placed the yarn in each heart, i am still in disbelief that god has blessed me with such an incredibly sweet, romantic, nice, loving, handsome man to call mine for the rest of my life. 

i love you john, the soon to be mr. kentuckyblonde. 
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