the beginning & save the date

during our time spent in florida with these peeps... 
(john, sis sam, me, mama, nephew colton, sdad rick, bro alex, sis jess, bro gf kelli, and broinlaw taylor)
john and i decided to spend some time on the beach to have our first go around of an engagement session.  my sister jessie and mom came along for the fun so i figured it would be fun to share some of the pictures and announce the date!

waahooo!  OCTOBER 20, 2012!
we thought this may be used as our save the date but then one of my favorite photographers agreed to have a session in lexington when we got home, so we decided to go with one of those. (fingers crossed, the photo shoot is this weekend!) 

jessie and mom had a blast telling us to pose certain ways and dictate the forms.

it was a gorgeous afternoon so the backgrounds were basically flawless.

my handsome fiancé. and me.

i've heard shadows of holding hands were romantic...

we did some jumping shots
("we jumped on the date" idea for save the dates. haha)

then some close up-ish shots. he's a stud. did you see that dimple?

he's a keeper.

then jessie and mom got jealous and wanted a few pictures of them too.  who am i to say no to an opportunity like that?!

it looks sweet but really we were saying things like this to each other 
"ugh, i'm soo ready for another drink!" 
"are you sitting in water?" 
"i'm hungry" 
"so you're telling me we aren't even using these pictures but we're still taking them?" 

to keep ya updated, here's what i've accomplished so far:
groom? check.
engagement session photographer? check.
wedding day photographer? check.
wedding dress? check. (i can't include a link because clearly mr. kentuckyblonde occasionally reads this!)

any must have advice to give to this wedding planning bride?



Morgan said...

Y'all are too cute. Can't wait to hear and see more!

Natasha said...

get a videographer...even if it's not in the budget, DO IT!!!!! save your pennies--lady, we just got ours back and i am so happy we bit the bullet and hired a professional...if you want to see, email me and i'll show you the link! so happy for you sweetie...you're going to be ONE gorgeous bride!

Katelyn @ The Bluegrass Belle said...

Love the one on the swing! I wish I were at the beach, right now! So jealous!

Samantha said...

Great pictures, you all are adorable!!


The Presutti's said...

Those pictures were super cute. I can't wait to see the other pictures too. I agree with Natasha make sure you get a videographer. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh you guys are so cute. Thats a great date! HOORAY! So I will be in town Tuesday... till the following monday. We need to meet!!!

Kerr said...

My parents anniversary is 10/20 and so are two of my best friends! Great date!

Ashley said...

EEEEK 10-20-12 -PERFECT Date!!! my parents anny is 10/18 :) you guys are so dang photogenic! like seriously - take a bad picture....for me?!


AJ Deal said...

I love these pictures to pieces and love you both!! I can't wait for everything!!!

Miss Chelsea said...

good choice on the date... 10/20 is my birthday ;)

Elle Sees said...

these turned out great!!! aww, i love wedding deets.

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