craft edition: success

it's not everyday i have a successful crafting story and this time, i believe there would be a little disagreement of the word "successful"... you see, we spent a few weeks down in florida and one of those nights happened to be new years eve. john and i were both unprepared, with no sequins clothing in anything we packed.
lucky for him, i had the great idea to head over to hobby lobby in palm beach, get some mod podge and glitter. i "borrowed" one of the ties and white tees from my stepdads closet in palm beach and created our own appropriate new years eve gear! 

thankfully johns love for me outweighs his hated for glitter, which i know is a lot because he really despises glitter.

but honestly, for a mere 8 bucks, i do have to admit, the mixture of his tie and my white tee (with the sleeves torn off with a knife bc i couldn't find scissors!) made our night much more festive... and it left my parents pad full of glitter for a long time afterwards too!

ow ow!
see! i bet they spent so much $$ on their "name brand" attire but me, some hobby lobby glue & dads old hanes works just fine.  



Chelsea Coleen said...

i LOVE this! and john looks SO handsome in his glitter tie! faaaavorite couple :)

-Crystal said...

That is great! I am loving the tie! I think I will do this for one of our upcoming parties! so cute! ps- love your blog.

Jenny B said...

BAAAhahaha! REALLY?? This is the most awesome craft you've done to date... no competition. Aside from the spray painted patio table & chairs which is clearly the unspoken #1.

Rissy said...

oh my gosh! never would have thought of doing that! looks so cute, and props to John for rocking that glitter


Ashley said...

shut the front door! seriously?! this is the best ever! i love your matchy matchy sparkles! you two are adorable!

bananas. said...

bahahahaha!!! i love that your glitter bombed your man's tie.

actually i love more that he let you!

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