diy: banners

the majority of my most recent posts have been about crafts, or diy projects, or something about me being creative.  on the contrary, i'd never consider myself to be a master of any of those things but i will admit, i love attempting it all.

on sunday, john and i traveled to lexington to work with one of my all time favorite photographers. alicia is unbelievable and i knew i had to have her photographs sometime during my engagement.  i decided to attempt to create a save the date banner and even took photographs so all you lovelies :)
you need:
wooden numbers
paint brush
hot glue gun 
(john is shaking his head because i'm the last person on earth that really needs a hot glue gun)

i chose blue ribbon and gold paint and began painting away.

do you love the heart wrapping paper i used since i couldn't find anything else to cover the table with? ;)

after they are painted, i lined them up to display the beautiful date. and then i realized that wasn't right because the date would've been backwards!!  so make sure you put the date backwards so they read correctly from the front.

i hot glued the lace on first and then added four strands of ribbon behind the lace.  disclaimer: you'll use more hot glue than you think you would. 

TA DA!!!  our wedding date in all it's glory :)



so there ya have it my friends... stay tuned for tomorrow's preview of the engagement pictures!!  waaaahoooo!!!!!!!


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

That's precious! You did a great job! Are your colors blue and gold? Love this idea!

xo. Britt

Morgan said...

Can't wait to see your pictures!

Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

this turned out SO SO SO SO good! I love it!!!!

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