8 to go!

want to see the greatest thing to start a week??
ohh. myy. word. that's hadley & my nephew colton and pure amazingness.  look at those wittle tooshies!

okay, enough of that.  ;)

today is 8 months until john and i walk down the aisle!!  i honestly can't believe how quickly this has flown by but i'm happy to say i have most of the planning complete. i'll do a humungo wedding update post soon.

so for valentine's day, i bought john 12 heart shaped balloons with 12 little gifts wrapped under each balloon.  i know it sounds super romantic and amazing and blah blah blah but secretly, the gifts were things like toothpaste, dish washing detergent, 5 frames of our engagement pictures, boxers, and lots of chocolate.  

i'm creative yet resourceful. very resourceful.

i was soooo stoked that we received some of our personalized thank you cards. i also bought the greatest address stamper from etsy so i'm prepared to begin receiving gifts.  ;)

a few random things:

-last night, john and i watched the 1996 flick "FEAR" with reese witherspoon and mark wahlberg. holy hotness but sheesh, i'll never be the same after that ending.

-friday night, we went to a bar for about 30 minutes with my cousin & sister. when we walked out to go home, my sisters car had been broken into and it was pretty heartbreaking. what low lives!  they stole her gucci purse, wallet, tennis racket, shoes, gift cards, cash, checks, and not even to mention the broken glass. the jerks even broke the window over colton's car seat so there's a ton of glass in little baby colton's seat. :( i hate that people do that. poor jess has been dealing with the terrible mess that happens with that but i wish they would just catch those losers.  another car that was parked next to jessie's had their laptop stolen.  ugh, so sad.

i just realized i started on such a great note and ended on a depressing one. so let's get back to positive...

8 months until john becomes mr. kentuckyblonde!!  ow! ow! ow! ow!



Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Love the balloon idea! And how terrible about the break in! My MIL purse was stolen while she was in church! Serious low life's!
And how cute that you said Mr. Kentcuky Blonde, I just giggled over how cute/funny that is!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Nakie babies!!! And darling idea with the balloons :)

Morgan said...

8 months!?! whoot whoot!
And YES - a coffee date will DEFINTIELY be in order! Plan on it!

Natasha said...

8 months??? that is NOTHING my friend...it is going to fly by!! love that new stationery, too--great choices!!!

Jenny B said...

1. Poor Jessie! Thats the WORST!
2. Hadley looks like an EXACT combo of Pat & Shannon, it's crazy!
3. You're a huge nerd, but you sure are crafty!

Lindsay said...

I cant wait to hear more of the wedding details!! XOXO

Ashley said...

I HATE HATE HATE thieves - so sad to hear about that :(

On the other hand....SQUEELING in excitement over your impending wedding! can't wait to hear details.

and those baby bums - ADORABLE!!

JMB said...

Hello there, why are we not following each other? At least I don't think we are? haha I love "reading" a fellow Kentucky girl's blog! These next 8 months will ZZzzoom by! I HOPE because I hope to find a man in that time hahaha. Congratulations on your engagement!! And look at how cute those baby's cheeks are!!

Animal Balloons said...

Oh, I love how the die-cuts are so cleverly laid over - adds so much dimension & even more "flight!" And the colours you've chosen are marvelous & so cheerful.

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