a few insights

i thought this monday morning was a nice time to show y'all some shots from around my home. not sure why, but i just am feelin it. 
my make up stand with my brushes.

my jewelry stands.

my strong love for brown boots. can you guess which will be worn under my wedding dress?

my engagement gift that i made for my fianc√©.  one of my faves, lindsay, gave me the idea. 

a few other random notes... 
-i've been obsessed with the ghiradelli caramel squares and woof, 
they are the best things in the world!
-super bowl thoughts? blah. 
madonna's a little old to be dancing with pom poms, don't ya think?
-i am thankful for every first monday of each month 
because my grad school class gets together for drinks.

what's getting you through this week? 


Ashley said...

i SO have been wanting to do that with my makeup brushes!

my guess is that you will wear the cowboy boots under that dress :)

OMG my mom got me those SAME choco squares for christmas....and let's just say they barely saw the new year....dont' worry, they're still hanging around in cellulite form on my thighs ;)

bachelor monday gets me through the start of the week - oh and when you post amazing fun posts!

Happy Monday Blondie!

Lindsay said...

LOVE all those cow boy boots :)

Rebecca said...

who doesnt love brown boots!

Annie said...

oh how i love you! :)
i really don't know what boots, so i want to know!!! i'm guessing not the ones with the 4 inch heel ;) but more so the cowboy boots?
madonna, too old in my book to perform for half time show but i still love her music!
drinks, yum! i had 2 this night as well, haha! an entire monday with two fussy babies for 12 hours, lord save me!
i will tell you what's getting me through this week....extensions on friday!!! i've only told you though, so shhhh ;)

Rosie said...

Love your blog!!! I'm just getting started and was wondering if you would follow back? I'd really appreciate the support, thanks!!!


Jill @ ACharmedLife said...

adorable engagement gift for your fiance. so sweet and thoughtful! can't wait to see which brown boots your sportin on your wedding day ;)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love your boot collection! Just had to come over when I saw that you spell your name the same way I do. I've actually only met one other person that spells it this way (and he is huge guy that played football a few years ago for the University of Florida...it was funny). We are following you and we'd just love for you to stop by and visit our blog.

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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