my loves! it's friiiiday!

i'm so very happy for super bowl weekend to finally be here and take a break from wedding planning!  after my first torturous experience as a bridezilla, this week came with a stationery fiasco, which makes me even more excited for the date night my fiancé and i have planned for tonight. just like the ole days! 

a saturday with no plans but a hopeful thought of a workout and a sunday with a great football game and even better commercials, i'm pretty stoked about a relaxing, wonderful next couple days. 

after a morning of hot yoga & house chores, i hope you all are just as excited as i am about this weekend.  

what are your fun plans?



Simply Amy said...

I totally forgot this weekend is super bowl. Thanks for the reminder!!

I am finally getting my hair done Saturday! I am going shorter and maybe even darker.

Hope y'all have a wonderful date night!!!

i'm jess said...

Hi Jayme,

I am a new follower, just wanted to say HI! love your blog! I am from Ky and I love finding new Ky bloggers to follow... I miss my bluegrass state! Have a great weekend and enjoy your date tonight! Jess

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