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i'm the first to admit this is the toughest week of the year. for the first time in history, university of kentucky and university of louisville will be playing each other in the FINAL FOUR in new {blue} orleans. 

the city of louisville is evenly divided of cards losers and cats fans and this saturday will be completely ridiculousness.  at 6:09 pm, the world will stop and all attention will be on the court.

we're still deciding on if we will make the journey down to blue orleans for the game, but if i'd have to guess right now, i'd say we'll be there.  any bloggers down there looking for some guests??  

GOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be still my heart.

ps - i'm not going to lie, there's a good chance this blog may become obnoxious to uofl fans this week.  


st. patrick's day (chicago style)

friday night, we decided to take it a little bit easy and go get some tapas and drinks.
john and ryan sat with their backs to the basketball games while...

lindsey, jenny, and i watched the games. what great guys.

it was a good thing we took it easy on friday night because saturday was the exact opposite.

we started saturday morning at ryan's incredible apartment in the heart of downtown chicago. 
have you ever had vodka gummi worms & bears?? this was my first time and let.me.tell.you. sheesh, they were really fantastic. i knew it would be a long day when i realized i had to pace myself with the gummy bears.  

they turned the river green and we were there for the photoshoot afterwards.
jenny & ryan.

the future mr. & mrs. kentuckyblonde

if you're with these four, you're bound to have one of the best days ever. jenny is one of my bridesmaids and i cannot wait for all the wedding festivities with her. she moved to chitown in july and these beautiful kentucky afternoons have been tough without her to share some wine with me on the porch. life is hard. ;)

moi, jenny, lindsey. see lindsey? she's the world's greatest host and amazeballs.

{jenny. travis. jayme. john.}

only the greatest picture ever. this bar (something like the hannggee uppee?) gave the world's hottest beers to jenny & john and their reactions were pretty stellar.  have you ever seen such perfect faces?

yup, tutu's are always the way to go...

we watched the KENTUCKY WILDCATS game at a bar called theory. are you a CATS fan yet??? if not, why not? you really should be. they're da bomb. mkg & davis <3 <3

i know i've thrown out several ideas for a blogger convention but i must say, st patty's day in chicago is probably the greatest idea ever. are you in???

what'd you do for the big ole holiday?




tgif, my friends. i have two important items to discuss this afternoon...
(please, excuse the hilarious, and inappropriate photo)
first, i am SO excited as john and i are headed to chicago to spend the weekend with these two crazy fools, lindsey and jenny!  st. patrick's day in chicago is all the rage and we can't wait to see them and we made sure to bring our party pants!  whoop whoop!
second of all... remember my brother?  HE MATCHED... but even better than that... HE HAS MATCHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!  how incredibly cool is that?!  i am so happy for him and cannot wait to go visit him, while he'll be living in hawaii for the next five years.  wild!  

hope you have a wonderful weekend... what are your plans?


march madnesssssss

i can barely contain my excitement!!
today is one of the greatest days ever, especially if you're a KENTUCKY fan!!  

the month of march is an entire month where people get paid to watch basketball games at work, leave for 4 hour lunches, or ultimately, skip out of the office for the entire day. being a kentucky basketball fan during march is one of the most fun parts of life and i'm so excited that today is just the beginning of the madness march has in store for us!

who are you cheering for?  

did you fill out a bracket?


brow down!


important thoughts

i'll admit, i haven't watched a single episode of the bachelor this season but i did (accidentally) tune into the finale last night. i was quickly reminded as to why i don't watch the show anymore and was one of courtney's lip bite away from throwing my cough drops at her face.
but my johnny was so sweet and took care of me and was happy to watch the bachelor with me between commercials of t.i. and tiny. his one observation:
courtney and courteney look so much alike.

which i'll admit, he's totally right. clearly monica courteney cox is way hotter, but it was a solid comparison, if i say so myself. 

in other news...
nielsen sent their survey to our house which i'm bittersweet about admitting i filled it out. but i learned something that apparently no one talks about.  nielsen sent $2 with their survey!!!!!!  i thought i won the lottery!!!!!  this day was mediocre until i became $2 richer, now its the greatest day in the world.

second, do you remember this guy? mr. splendour of the seas? well that's also my brother. he's in medical school and we were so, so happy to find out yesterday he matched!!!!!!  friday, we'll find out where he will spend the next five years but we're so happy for him!  congrats alex!

thoughts on the bachelor? ever found money where least expected? hoping this guy studies in a city near you?  just kidding, that's weird. 



end of the week

i'm lucky i had such a wonderful weekend because i am a little more than sick on this monday morning.  full of orange juice, medicine, coughs, and more, i've put myself on bed rest for the day. 

the weekend started out with fabric shopping with my sister.

saturday, i was thrilled for the baby shower of my friend nina.  we grew up in anchorage together forever and ever and she now lives in new york city with her wonderful husband and is going to welcome her brand new baby in about four months. 
alex did a wonderful job decorating for the shower. 
precious little diaper cake. i love the little tooshie that goes into those cute things.

remember the ever so talented sugar mamas post i did? well maggie did she cupcakes as well! well done.

i lost this game. quickly. i'm not very good with not saying certain words.

and of course i didn't win the baby bingo game either. :) 
i'm such a loser...

the ladies. we have known each other and been besties since we were about 2 years old. :)

the wittle baby and mama to be!

i was ill and in bed most of sunday while john did yard work.  he was so sweet to bring me a flower from the yard for the bedside. ain't he precious?

sunday evening, we went to my dads for dinner. don't look at me, remember, i'm sick.

this is colton and jameson. they are too cute together. 

colton's little shoes by the front door.

apparently he was exhausted by the time he walked in. must leave the door open and rip the shoes off. bless his heart. 

so here i am, back to watching the new adventures of old christine (does anyone else find this to be the greatest show on earth?) and being sick. whyyyy meeeee??

what'd you do this weekend and was it amazing? 



favorite items

wedding registries are one of the neatest/oddest things i could imagine for the simple fact i think it's being snotty and being a needy newlywed and it being completely appropriate and encouraged. needless to say, i loved every second of it, except for the parts john would say "no" to certain items.  "but joooohn, we neeeeed at least 12 waterford candle holders!" 
since we spent so much time sorting through three huge stores for over five hours, i thought i'd you show you favorite items we scanned... now we just patiently wait for someone to buy it for us.  ;)  we registered at macy's, pottery barn, and williams sonoma and we will register at dolfinger's shortly. 

founders wine opener (pottery barn) found here

kate spade new york "wick ford" found here
this is our everyday dinnerware. its simple but yet a little bit of fun. riiiight?

circles wall mount votive holder (pottery barn) found here

kitchenaid stand mixer - found here 
are we all agreeing that this is the coolest thing in the world?

keurig b60 coffee maker - found here
this, my friends, is a must have.

graviti electric salt & pepper mill - found here
i've hit the definite laziest place in the world because i'm dyyying for these electric salt and pepper shakers. all you do is turn them to a certain angle, and they work themselves. i'm clearly too awesome to grind my own pepper over my microwaved hot pocket.

what other items are MUST HAVES??  



monday mornin catch up

john and i are happy to be back at our house after housesitting for my mama and stepdad for approximately two months.  it's only about 10 minutes from our house but there's just nothing like home sweet home.  we had a laid back weekend except for the five (yup, 5!) hours of registering on saturday. and to think, we're only half way finished!  
the weekend was spent approximately 4 inches away from this nose. reggie won't let anyone too far away. severe separation anxiety.

my little sister is home for her college spring break. she goes to college of charleston and brought back her little pup, seymour. believe it or not, he can actually see even with all those bangs in his eyes.

i made my world famous buffalo chicken dip on sunday in honor of the kentucky wildcats game. what's that you ask? why yes! as a matter of fact, we are still number 1 in the nation.  ow! ow!!

i traded in the dark nail polishes for "tour de finance" by essie. however, as soon as i made the switch, i woke up this morning to two inches of snow.  of course, that would happen!  

that's the view of the weekend. outside windows, kentucky on the tv, and being lazy on the air mattresses that we spread out around the entire living room. 

even though we're happy to be back in our house, i'm certainly going to miss the chandelier in my mom's closet...

and her wonderful jewelry that i borrow even on the laziest of days. i figure if i'm going to be lazy, i should at least we're the brightest lip stick i can find and the most obnoxious jewels i can find. i'm classy like that.

we also spent the weekend flipping through all these magazines from my friend lauren about potential honeymoon spots. turks and caicos? antigua? southern france? amalfi coast? so many choices!
on friday afternoon, there were threats all around kentuckiana about a potential tornado. fortunately, it missed the louisville area but other places like henryville, indiana and eastern kentucky were not so fortunate.  please pray for the recovery of these destroyed towns and the families that are struggling.  

one last thing.. as i'm typing this and watching live! with kelly, i just wanted to announce -- vanessa and nick lachey are preggggnant!!  ow! ow! (does this mean there's zero chance of nick & jessica reuniting?)



sugar mamas

as soon as john and i got engaged, there were two things i was absolutely certain about... first, i knew i wanted todd pellowe to do our photography and second, i knew i wanted needed sugar mamas to do our cake.

until i saw the incredible work by maggie, i thought a cake was a cake was a cake. i've never been so wrong and so amazed by these edible works of art. brace yourself my friends... these upcoming pictures are pure talent and mouthwatering. 
it's just a bonus they taste as wonderful as they look!
maggie is cat's sister, and cat is one of my bridesmaids. remember, she's married to curt. 

something along the line of 15 sheet cakes were used for this masterpiece!!!!

have you ever seen anything SO awesome??? hilarious, mouthwatering, artistic, and beautiful!

don't mind if i do...


i wouldn't be afraid to turn 40 if i got this cake!

she makes them so perfect and perfectly replicates anything!
this is ben from derby last year. this is the real person.

this is Derby Ben in the form of a cake!  

so i hope you enjoyed the tour de sugar mamas today and you can check them out here!  

which is your favorite??
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