end of the week

i'm lucky i had such a wonderful weekend because i am a little more than sick on this monday morning.  full of orange juice, medicine, coughs, and more, i've put myself on bed rest for the day. 

the weekend started out with fabric shopping with my sister.

saturday, i was thrilled for the baby shower of my friend nina.  we grew up in anchorage together forever and ever and she now lives in new york city with her wonderful husband and is going to welcome her brand new baby in about four months. 
alex did a wonderful job decorating for the shower. 
precious little diaper cake. i love the little tooshie that goes into those cute things.

remember the ever so talented sugar mamas post i did? well maggie did she cupcakes as well! well done.

i lost this game. quickly. i'm not very good with not saying certain words.

and of course i didn't win the baby bingo game either. :) 
i'm such a loser...

the ladies. we have known each other and been besties since we were about 2 years old. :)

the wittle baby and mama to be!

i was ill and in bed most of sunday while john did yard work.  he was so sweet to bring me a flower from the yard for the bedside. ain't he precious?

sunday evening, we went to my dads for dinner. don't look at me, remember, i'm sick.

this is colton and jameson. they are too cute together. 

colton's little shoes by the front door.

apparently he was exhausted by the time he walked in. must leave the door open and rip the shoes off. bless his heart. 

so here i am, back to watching the new adventures of old christine (does anyone else find this to be the greatest show on earth?) and being sick. whyyyy meeeee??

what'd you do this weekend and was it amazing? 



Rachel said...

What a great shower! Adorable!
Hope you get to feeling better! :)

Kerr said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Kristin said...

I love that diaper cake! Hope you get to feeling better!

J and A said...

What an amazing shower! Hope you feel better soon!

A Simple Southern Life said...

The decorations from the shower look great!! I hope you start feeling better!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What an adorable shower! Feel better!

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

What an adorable baby shower - love all the details!! I love your blog - I'm a new follower!

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