important thoughts

i'll admit, i haven't watched a single episode of the bachelor this season but i did (accidentally) tune into the finale last night. i was quickly reminded as to why i don't watch the show anymore and was one of courtney's lip bite away from throwing my cough drops at her face.
but my johnny was so sweet and took care of me and was happy to watch the bachelor with me between commercials of t.i. and tiny. his one observation:
courtney and courteney look so much alike.

which i'll admit, he's totally right. clearly monica courteney cox is way hotter, but it was a solid comparison, if i say so myself. 

in other news...
nielsen sent their survey to our house which i'm bittersweet about admitting i filled it out. but i learned something that apparently no one talks about.  nielsen sent $2 with their survey!!!!!!  i thought i won the lottery!!!!!  this day was mediocre until i became $2 richer, now its the greatest day in the world.

second, do you remember this guy? mr. splendour of the seas? well that's also my brother. he's in medical school and we were so, so happy to find out yesterday he matched!!!!!!  friday, we'll find out where he will spend the next five years but we're so happy for him!  congrats alex!

thoughts on the bachelor? ever found money where least expected? hoping this guy studies in a city near you?  just kidding, that's weird. 



Morgan said...

I sadly admit I watch the Bachelor and Courtney was just has heinous as she's been portrayed!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Just stumbled across your blog, love it! I agree about the Bachleor... haven't watched it the last two seasons, I just can't get into anymore... haha.

Ashley said...

how did i not know you had a super hot brother?! is he single? will he answer to the name dash? haha i kid! but congrats to him! i have lots of friends in the doctor world so i know how HUGE and stressful matching is!! whoo hoo mr. splendour of the seas!

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