march madnesssssss

i can barely contain my excitement!!
today is one of the greatest days ever, especially if you're a KENTUCKY fan!!  

the month of march is an entire month where people get paid to watch basketball games at work, leave for 4 hour lunches, or ultimately, skip out of the office for the entire day. being a kentucky basketball fan during march is one of the most fun parts of life and i'm so excited that today is just the beginning of the madness march has in store for us!

who are you cheering for?  

did you fill out a bracket?


brow down!


Just the Two of US said...

haha I took a pic of my magazine and put it on instagram this am.
You know i'm from KY but I'm Cards at heart!
I filled out my bracket too!

I love this time of year!

Katelyn K, said...

I am the biggest KY fan, but I go to WKU which is of course who their playing tonight. I am secretly routing for the CATS!

Rosie said...

Kentucky made it pretty far in my bracket ;) I'm the only girl in our bracket pool of 20...hopefully mine can stand up next to the boys! Just started to follow you and would LOVE a follow back please!!


Legally Lovely said...

I live in (and go to) Louisville, but my boyfriend went to UK. It's always a good time when we watch basketball together. : )

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