monday mornin catch up

john and i are happy to be back at our house after housesitting for my mama and stepdad for approximately two months.  it's only about 10 minutes from our house but there's just nothing like home sweet home.  we had a laid back weekend except for the five (yup, 5!) hours of registering on saturday. and to think, we're only half way finished!  
the weekend was spent approximately 4 inches away from this nose. reggie won't let anyone too far away. severe separation anxiety.

my little sister is home for her college spring break. she goes to college of charleston and brought back her little pup, seymour. believe it or not, he can actually see even with all those bangs in his eyes.

i made my world famous buffalo chicken dip on sunday in honor of the kentucky wildcats game. what's that you ask? why yes! as a matter of fact, we are still number 1 in the nation.  ow! ow!!

i traded in the dark nail polishes for "tour de finance" by essie. however, as soon as i made the switch, i woke up this morning to two inches of snow.  of course, that would happen!  

that's the view of the weekend. outside windows, kentucky on the tv, and being lazy on the air mattresses that we spread out around the entire living room. 

even though we're happy to be back in our house, i'm certainly going to miss the chandelier in my mom's closet...

and her wonderful jewelry that i borrow even on the laziest of days. i figure if i'm going to be lazy, i should at least we're the brightest lip stick i can find and the most obnoxious jewels i can find. i'm classy like that.

we also spent the weekend flipping through all these magazines from my friend lauren about potential honeymoon spots. turks and caicos? antigua? southern france? amalfi coast? so many choices!
on friday afternoon, there were threats all around kentuckiana about a potential tornado. fortunately, it missed the louisville area but other places like henryville, indiana and eastern kentucky were not so fortunate.  please pray for the recovery of these destroyed towns and the families that are struggling.  

one last thing.. as i'm typing this and watching live! with kelly, i just wanted to announce -- vanessa and nick lachey are preggggnant!!  ow! ow! (does this mean there's zero chance of nick & jessica reuniting?)



Kerr said...

I had no idea about nick and Vanessa. A friend of mine down here went to high school with her. I can't wait to tell her!

~Katie said...

Love all of your pics! Too funny though, I painted my nails with the same polish this weekend and it's snowing here too! What the heck!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am not surprised about Nick and Vanessa - I assumed it would come sooner rather than later. I'm excited for them!

Kristin said...

Oh I would love you buffalo chicken dip recipe! It looks so good!!

Lindsay said...

So glad you all made it thru the tornados. I was so worried about you!

Lori Supek said...

Yay! Excited about Nick and Vanessa, they will have gorgeous babies!!


Ashley said...

how dare the weather clash with your nail polish!! the nerve!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my goodness, Seymour needs a ponytail like my yorkie!!

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