st. patrick's day (chicago style)

friday night, we decided to take it a little bit easy and go get some tapas and drinks.
john and ryan sat with their backs to the basketball games while...

lindsey, jenny, and i watched the games. what great guys.

it was a good thing we took it easy on friday night because saturday was the exact opposite.

we started saturday morning at ryan's incredible apartment in the heart of downtown chicago. 
have you ever had vodka gummi worms & bears?? this was my first time and let.me.tell.you. sheesh, they were really fantastic. i knew it would be a long day when i realized i had to pace myself with the gummy bears.  

they turned the river green and we were there for the photoshoot afterwards.
jenny & ryan.

the future mr. & mrs. kentuckyblonde

if you're with these four, you're bound to have one of the best days ever. jenny is one of my bridesmaids and i cannot wait for all the wedding festivities with her. she moved to chitown in july and these beautiful kentucky afternoons have been tough without her to share some wine with me on the porch. life is hard. ;)

moi, jenny, lindsey. see lindsey? she's the world's greatest host and amazeballs.

{jenny. travis. jayme. john.}

only the greatest picture ever. this bar (something like the hannggee uppee?) gave the world's hottest beers to jenny & john and their reactions were pretty stellar.  have you ever seen such perfect faces?

yup, tutu's are always the way to go...

we watched the KENTUCKY WILDCATS game at a bar called theory. are you a CATS fan yet??? if not, why not? you really should be. they're da bomb. mkg & davis <3 <3

i know i've thrown out several ideas for a blogger convention but i must say, st patty's day in chicago is probably the greatest idea ever. are you in???

what'd you do for the big ole holiday?



Kerr said...

I love vodka soaked gummy worms and bears. We make them for the boat in the summer. They can def get you in trouble too!

Morgan said...

Chicago is fun anytime of the year but I can imagine Chicago during St. Patty's is AMAZING!

Andee Layne said...

ahh now you have me missing Chicago! Such a great city!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love the color combination you're wearing in the second picture..so cute! I also need Ryan's UK shirt. How perfect for St. Patty's!

Ashley said...

i saw this pic on facebook but did not realize you had a notre dame shirt on. do you know that my family are HUGE notre dame fans? like we've been to southbend multiple times to see games!

oh and i love chicago this time of year - looks like perfect weather and a perfect day! except next year i totally think you need a tutu!

Chelsea Coleen said...

i want to party with YALL. tapas and drinks sounds like the best thing in the world right now. you know, as i sip my coffee. at my desk. at 11 am. because thats normal.

and gummyworms with alcohol! GENIUS!

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